Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wilson-- 18 months

My baby is officially a toddler now. I cannot believe we are somehow on the downward slope to TWO. what? How? When???

I have no idea how much Wilson weighs or how tall he is. I can tell he is getting tall and lanky. No more chunky baby fat.

He is wearing 18/24 month pants and 2t/3t shirts. Diapers are still 5s.

Wilson usually wakes up between 8:30 and 9:30 and goes to bed around 9-9:30 every night. He takes a 2-3 hour nap everyday around 1:30. He has been going down for bed time and naps really well recently.

He is still eating tons. 3 meals and a snack or two everyday. I've started letting him eat on the couch some instead of his high hair, and he eats so much better if he can just graze. His favorite foods are veggie bacon, broccoli, green beans, cheese, raisins, any fruit, and anything covered in mustard or ketchup.

Wilson took forever to start "talking" but he had been picking up words left and right in the past few weeks. In just the last week he has learned "ball" "no" "night night" and "I did it". He can say mom and dad but he just doesn't very often. I'm really not worried about it. I know he understands 95% of what I say to him and he "talks" a lot, I just don't know what he is saying.

Books are a big deal around here. We have started putting a book or two in bed with him at night and I wake up hearing him "reading" in the mornings. He knows every animal sound I can think of so animal books are his favorite. He has also become aware of letters. Every letter he sees in a book, on tv, on a t shirt, anywhere, he gets excited and points and says "B! B!"  Every letter is B right now.

Daniel Tiger and Sesame Street are his favorite shows. He will watch anything on PBS kids, except Thomas the Train. We both hate that show.

I dont really know how to describe it, but I can just see Wilson growing and learning every day. He is just so funny and such a joy to be around. He can throw a good tantrum, but he is mostly so silly and full of energy. He is the best little boy. Really.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hello, 2015

So I really hate the whole "new year, new you" thing. I like the old me, k?

I sorta (really) slacked off on the blogging in the last half of the year. I'm not sure why, but I just didn't feel like writing. So here's a little life update to get caught up.


In November, we had a new rental house just fall in our laps. It's 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with a huge playroom and kitchen plus an inside laundry room (you have no idea how happy this makes me). Rent was about $200 cheaper than what we were paying. So twice as much space for less money, YES PLEASE. The only catch is, the house is in the middle of nowhere. Literally surrounded by cornfields, 20 miles outside Cleveland. But we couldn't pass up the space at that price, so I now live in the "country", just 6 miles from the Mississippi River. It has been an adjustment, but it hasn't been nearly as bad as I thought. Dare I say, Wilson and I are truly enjoying all the space and fresh air. 

In December, Caleb and I had two crazy weeks of finals. We both were sleeping 3-4 hours per night and doing homework from 4am to whenever Wilson woke up. It was crazy. But the hard work paid off and we both made straight A's. 4.0, whooo hooo! 

That's the major happenings around here. The holidays were such fun but one huge blur. I'm looking forward to my birthday in two weeks and starting new classes. Caleb is teaching a class this semester, which is so fun. When we first started dating, he told me he wanted to be a college professor when he grew up.  It's pretty exciting to see his dreams coming true (and I guess this means we are grown up now! Eeeek!). 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Wilson -- 15 months

Hey there, little blog! I haven't forgotten about you, I swear. Life has just been so crazy these past few weeks. Between holidays, MOVING, having company, finals, and a 15 month old, I've been a little too exhausted at night to write anything. But I'll be back when life settles down. 

I do really want to post Wilson's 15 month post. I missed 14 months and I feel like he has grown tons between 13 and 15 months. 

- I have no idea how much he weighs or how tall he is. Somewhere around 27 pounds, probably. 

- Wearing mostly 2t shirts and 18 month pants. 

- Still in size 5 diapers. He leaks out of his diaper every single night and it is driving me crazy! The kid pees so much at night! 

- Wilson has days where he loves food and is a mini garbage disposal, then some days he won't eat two bites. His favorite foods are yogurt, cheese, hot dogs, veggie burgers, and waffles. 

- Wilson finally started saying "real" words. He uses hi/hey, uh-oh, and bye correctly and frequently. He also knows tons of animal sounds (dog, horse, sheep, duck, kangaroo, fish, crocodile, tiger, monkey, elephant probably more I'm forgetting). His babbling sounds more and more like words. He can say mom and dad (no mama or dada for this kid)  but only if we prompt him. 

- He is loving singing and dancing now. I'm the worlds worst singer, but Wilson loves for me to sing him songs. He "sings" with me and sways to "dance". His favorite song is by far The ABC Song. I'll ask Wilson if he wants to sing his ABCs and he will "sing" A....B.... 

- Wilson is obsessed with Elmo. He will watch Elmo for 10 times longer than any other show. He can hear Elmo's voice from across the house and will come running when he hears it. 

- Tantrums. They happen daily. Full blown screaming, tuning red, throw down on the floor tantrums. I think most of them are frustration based and I try to help Wilson calm down as best I can, but they are rough. 

- To counter balance the tantrums, Wilson is becoming so affectionate. He will usually give anyone a kiss if they ask for it. My favorite, though, is when he just randomly runs up to me and give me a kiss and hug. It makes me melt and there is no better feeling. 

- I think we are in the midst of a sleep regression. Wilson was going down for naps and bedtime with no crying or fussing, but for the last few weeks, he has been majorly crying. I've had to rock him to sleep several times. Hopefully it's just a stage and I secretly don't mind getting to hold and rock him again. 

- Likes: Elmo, playing outside, coloring, the Christmas tree, baths

- Dislikes: diaper changes, being away from mom, not getting his way

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wilson -- 13 months

The month of September flew by in such a flash. I'm several days late on this because I didn't realize we are already well into the month of October. Slow down, time!

- Wilson weighed 25 pounds and 8 ounces at the doctor's office. He is 33 (!!!) inches tall, which means he is a freakishly tall 13 month old. I think he has a long torso and his legs from his knees to ankles are quite long. 

- He is wearing 2t shirts and 18 month pants. 

- He eats 3 meals plus a snack every day. He is down to a cup of milk just twice a day. 

- He goes to bed around 9 and wakes up between 8:30 and 10. He wakes up at a different time every day. He takes one nap from 12:30 to 3:30ish. 

- Wilson got sick for the first time this month. It sucked. 

- He still isn't saying words but he is babbling lots and the babbling is sounding closer to words. 

- He now grabs my hand or shirt and guides me to what he wants me to do. 

- He uses a fork when he eats now. He isn't particularly good at getting things onto his fork, but he does well getting it into his mouth. He loves using it. 

- Likes: Blues Clues, animals, eating, outside, books

- Dislikes: diaper changes, being told no, 

Monday, October 6, 2014

The most magical weekend

I used to write coherent, themed, intelligent posts about semi-intresting things. One of these days, I'm going to get back to that. Today is not that day. 

Wilson finally got over his virus. He is back to his happy, sweet, on the go self. 

Caleb and I spent our weekend in Louisville at our friends' wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and an amazing reception. There was an open bar and I took a little too much advantage of it. Regardless, it was such fun. 

Sunday, we spent the day in Starkville. We walked around campus and ha lunch with my brother. I adore college campuses. 

Speaking of college, Mississippi had an amazing weekend of football. I seriously cried when I saw the ole miss score. It is JUST football, but I am so glad Mississippi is getting so much positive national press. Saturday was an amazing, magical, special day. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Today is Pig Pickin', Delta State's biggest party/tailgate/football game of the year. It is always so much fun. We even have two tickets for BBQ contest sample plates. 

But we aren't going. 

Yesterday around noon, Wilson broke out in a rash all over his chest, back, neck, and head. I, of course, freaked out thinking it was yet another terrible reaction from his vaccines. Dr. Google told me he either had a mild case of the measles or was about start having seizures from a vaccine allergy. I called Wilson's doctor and demanded we be seen that afternoon. 

After spending all day at the doctor, we found out Wilson has the roseola virus. I'd never heard of this before but it fit Wilson's symptoms perfectly. A sudden high fever (check), days of lethargy (check), loss of appetite (check), irritability (check), red, swollen eyes (check), and finally, a rash on the trunk of the body (check). What I thought was a reaction to his vaccinations was actually this unrelated, random virus that he must have picked up at the doctors office Monday (damn germy kids). 

I'm glad that it wasn't some severe reaction to his vaccinations but it still sucks. Since it's a virus, there really isn't anything to do but let it run it's course. He is still covered in a rash, but thankfully it isn't itchy. He still feels like crap, as evidenced by his terrible mood, but according to the doctor, he should be feeling better by Monday. If not, we have to go back. 

On top of that, thanks to the germy kids in the doctors office, I am sick. Sore throat, head cold, achy sick. It sucks. The only thing worse than a sick baby is taking care of a sick baby while I'm sick, too. 

So we are missing Pig Pickin this weekend. We took Wilson last year when he was just a few weeks old and I really wanted to make a tradition of taking him. But I guess that's the way parenthood goes. 

At least we can cheer on our rebels from the comfort of our couch. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

That time I almost became an anti vaxxer

Wilson had 5 shots Monday at his one year well check. Five fucking shots. Seven different immunizations. Seven. It was horrible. Just terrible. I knew he would be getting shots, but five??!!?? That is a lot for a little person. 

Wilson has never had any bad reactions to shots before. He doesn't run fever or have soreness or be especially whiney. He has never had any side effects. 

So even though his little body was poked in every limb, I figured he would be ok. Man, I underestimated. 

Monday night Wilson was a little clingy, but nothing major. We gave him a preventative dose of Tylenol around 8 and put him to bed. Around 3, I heard Wilson whimper but he quieted down quickly until around 4. He started really crying so I went to check on him. When I went to him was one of the scariest and most upsetting moments of motherhood I have had so far. 

Wilson's checks were bright red. He was drenched in sweat. I mean clothes and sheets soaked in sweat. He was on his belly and couldn't move. His limbs hurt so much he couldn't move. Literally. When I picked him up he screamed in pain. And he was BURNING up. 

I was terrified. Wilson has never been sick, so this was the first time I had ever seen my child not well. I felt so panicked and helpless. My adrenaline kicked in and  I left like I went into mama bear mode. 

First we striped his clothes and checked all over his body. Thankfully no rashes or severe swelling. I took Wilson's temperature as best as he would let me and it climbed up to 102. 102. So so so scary. 

I grabbed some water in his cup and a cool wash rag and tried to calm Wilson by rocking him. I made Caleb call the 24 nurse line. A super nice nurse talked us through what is considered "normal" for vaccine reactions. He told us to give pain/fever meds every 4 hours and call the doctor in the morning. 

Wilson slept in our bed the rest of the night. Right next to me. There was no way I was letting him out of my sight. He slept very fitfully for several hours. And he sweat so much. I was soaked. But finally around 8, he fell into a good sleep and slept until nearly noon. 

On Tuesday, he was so sore he couldn't hardly move. He wouldn't put weight on his legs or turn over. Even the lightest touch sent him into tears. He took a four and a half hour nap that day. He moped and laid around all day and night and ran a 99 degree fever most of the day. 

Wednesday he seemed better, at least physically. The fever went away and much of the soreness seemed to be gone. He was still mopey and whiney but he had a bit more energy. 

Today, he still doesn't quite seem back to his old self. He wanted to be held a lot. He sat in my lap and watched Daneil Tiger for nearly an hour, which NEVER happens. He doesn't have hardly any appetite. He cries over nothing. He looks really sullen and tired, even after his 3 hour nap. He is just off. 

As a mom, it is hard to see my baby in pain. It's hard to know he doesn't feel well. I want more than anything in the world to make it better. 

I know Wilson is so incredibly lucky to live in a place where vaccines are easily and readily available. I also know that watching my baby suffer from the measles or the flu would be a million times worse than dealing with the side effects of the immunizations. I love vaccines. I think they are great. 

But I almost understand why some parents don't give them to their children. These side effects Wilson has are pretty serious, but considered "normal". I have a hard time with feeling like my baby burning up with fever is normal. It is hard. I'm not advocating not vaccinating, but I can see how someone less informed (or misinformed) could  see these side effects and think "no way". 

Hopefully Wilson will be feeling back to normal soon. I miss my happy, rambunctious little boy. I'm also contemplating making him a bubble boy because I never want him to be sick ever again. It is the absolute worst.