Sunday, November 8, 2009

The first blog

So, this is the first blog. I'm starting to blog to chronicle our first apartment and all the fun, mishaps, and love that will happen in it. Caleb and I have been together a little over a year and half and will be making a big switch soon.

We are transferring to Delta State University (Go Fighting Okra!) and moving into a old, shabby apartment together. It's not much, but we are so excited for all the new adventures we are going to have. I can't wait to spend the next few years of my life with Caleb in the Delta.

For those of you who haven't been to the MS Delta, it is unlike any other place. Yes, it's very flat. Yes, there is more farmland than you could have ever imagined. And worst of all, in the summer, there are TONS of mosquitos. But, it has a charm, history and culture all to its own and I'm starting to fall in love with it already.

As for the apartment, it's not much to brag about. One bedroom, one bath triplex. On the plus side, it is only 6 blocks from campus and walking distance to the square in Cleveland. It has an awesomely big kitchen (which I WILL learn to cook in, even if it kills me) and we are allowed to have pets...which means my little home will soon have a new kitten. It needs some TLC, but hey, it's our first place. Isn't it supposed to be a little rough?

Caleb and I are so blessed to have such wonderful and giving families. Between them we have a couch, a bed, a kitchen table, real plates and silverware, lamps, end tables and the list keeps growing. Since we are so broke, all of these things are especially appreciated. Hopefully with Christmas and birthday's coming up soon, Caleb and I won't have to buy too many things for our new home.

I did buy Caleb a gift today. He is crazy and only likes to drink out of glasses, so I bought him a set. He really liked them and we got 16 for crazy cheap.

Next on our list to buy: Pots and pans so I can cook up a storm! I've already started to hunt for and save some of my favorite recipies. I can't wait to cook for my man...wonder how long that feeling will last?

We are planning on starting to move some stuff in over Thanksgiving so it'll be an easier final move in January . I'll make sure to have my camera intow. January 1st cannot get here soon enough!


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