Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Moving and Thanksgiving

Caleb's Great Aunt
Pace, Nicole, Caleb, Trey
Calvert Family Chirstmas Tree

Thanksgiving break was way too short. I guess because Caleb and I stayed busy most of the week packing, moving, traveling and eating. I was really nice to be home with our families for the start of the holiday season. I am so excited for Chirstmas. It'll be here before we know it. :)

Which, makes it WAY too easy for me to make purchases. I was going to "look" for Caleb's Chirstmas presents and before I knew it, I was clicking "submit order". I hope he likes them, though. I think I might have a few surprises up my sleeves. :)

Moving on Wednesday went pretty smoothly. We got a lot of the big bulky furniture (the bed, futon, dresser) down there intact. And I got to clean up a little bit. It's only 29 days until we officially move in. :) :) :)

Thanksgiving seemed to be a weeklong holiday (Which is ok by me, SO MUCH GOOD FOOD!). We spent Wednesday night at Gran's with turkey and all that good stuff. Dylan helped Caleb and I move, so we all drove to Water Valley on our way home for dinner. I think it made her day to have all three of us there, since we are her favorite people. :) And, so she wouldn't show favoritism, she made all three of us our favorite deserts. Dylan got a Banana Pudding, Caleb got a Chocolate Pie and I got Strawberry Cupcakes. Are we spoiled or what?

Thursday for lunch, Caleb and I went with his family to his great aunt's house. It was fun for me because I got to meet a lot of new relatives and everyone was especially nice. It makes me happy to think that in a few years (or whenever we get married) that my family will automatically double in size. I love being around family and people who care about each other. O, and Caleb's aunt dressed up like a awesome is that? Qwirky family members are the BEST!

For dinner, we went with my family over to Me-Me and Pop's house. Putting my mom, my dad, me, Caleb, Dylan, Carson and the grandparents together is always intresting, that's for sure. We played a couple rounds of some board game, but we had to cut it short because Caleb and I were on opposite teams and things were getting a little heated! :) We are both WAY WAY WAY too competitive. Dinner was turkey (for the third time) and was really good. Somehow or another, the mashed potatos came out the consistancy of Elmer's glue...not good. It was hilarious watching everyone politely eat the worst mashed potatos in the world. Which, Me-Me is a really good cook and has made good mashed potatos in the past, but everyone has a fluke now and again. We all played Apples to Apples after dinner, which is the best family game ever invented. I almost won too, but of course Faith won, as usual.

Friday, we slept super late from our turkey comas but had a late dinner at Grandma Penny's house in Memphis. We had a nice break from turkey and had some good steaks and baked potatos. Yum. And Caleb's Aunt and Uncle were there with Caleb's cousin and his wife and new baby. They baby was just a few months old. Soooo cute. I love babies. :)

On Saturday, Caleb and I got put in charge of assembling and decorating the family Christmas tree. Four hours, 900 lights, and several arguments over tinsel later, we had a very pretty Christmas tree. We were so proud.

And finally, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I just wanted to take a minute and reflect on all the things I am thankful for this year. First and foremost, I am beyond thankful that my mom is healthy and brain tumor free. It was a year ago that she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and the whole holiday season wasn't nearly as happy for anyone. I was so scared that I would lose my mom again, but God heard all of our prayers and this year everyone was healthy and out of the hospital. Second, I am thankful for Caleb and both of our families. We are both so lucky to have supportive and loving families. Even if they don't agree with our decisions or don't like something we are doing, everyone is always willing to talk it out and respect each other. That means so much to me. And the last thing I'll write about, I have really become thankful for both of my little brothers. Being at college has made me miss them more than I thought I could. Dylan is becoming so responsible and I can really see him becoming a young adult. He is so sure of himself and funny, things I wish I could be sometimes. And Carson is such a goofball. Some of the things he says sometimes are so crazy and silly. He pretends to be all tough most times, but deep down, he is as big of a softie as I am. I am so proud of both of them.
Happy Holidays!

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