Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My babies

This is a blog I've been wanting to get around to writing. I love animals and babies. And of course, baby animals are my weakness. :)

My dog Sally is the best puppy in the world. She is almost a year old and the prettiest German Shepard. She is a puppy and acts up sometimes, but she is so smart, loving and playful, I can never be mad at her. I love her way too much.

As I posted in an earlier blog, my cat had kittens. Two of them are dark with some spots and stripes and they are really small. But Simba is so adorable. He is a big ball of yellow fur. He is so easy going and love to be held. He is only three weeks old, but he is walking so much better than the other two and he is already trying to climb out of his box. I cannot wait until he comes to live with Caleb and me. Then our apartment will feel like a home and I will have my little family.


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