Friday, January 8, 2010

Settling in and SNOW!

As I write this, I'm waiting on my porkchops (kraft recipe: to marinate and Caleb is doodling away at our kitchen table. Today marks our first week on our own!! So far, so good. :)

Everything is in order at school too. I met with my advisor on Wednesday and got all the classes I needed. She was super helpful and introduced me to a lot of the faculty here at Delta State. I was with her a full hour and a half which is an hour and twenty minutes more than anyone in the education department at Ole Miss ever gave me. She intoduced me to a lady over the Dean's Scholars program at DSU. I feel so lucky because during this meeting, I was offered an amazing scholarship and a chance to be a part of a seemingly awesome and exclusive group. I don't know a lot about the program, but it's a funded research project aimed at helping educate kids and keep them healthy. I'm really excited. My first meeting is Monday. :)

On Monday morning Caleb and I woke up and it was a little colder in our house than ususal. We got up and went outside to get the mail and realized there was SNOW on the ground. I was fully prepared to never see snow during my time in the Delta, but it has snowed three times here this week. Nothing has stuck and there is no accumulation, but still. Something about snow is magical and automatically makes me smile.


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