Saturday, January 23, 2010

While Caleb makes dinner

There has been so much going on the past week!
We got our baby kitten Simba today! We also got his sister who Caleb named Bubastis, Bubby for short. (Bubastis is the name of a cat in Watchmen). They are so sweet and playful. I feel bad for them because they had to leave their mom, but we're going to take good care of them. They are sleeping on my pillow now. I hope they sleep ok tonight and don't keep us awake.

I went to the SECA (Southern Early Childhood Association) Conference in Little Rock with my Dean's Scholars group Thursday and Friday. I had so much fun there! I loved being around girls and having girl talk again! All of them and our sponser Mandy are so nice and I really think I am going to enjoy working with them. This was also the first time that I had been around other Education Majors and Teachers which was beyond awesome. It was great to interact with other people who share my passion for children. It made me feel much more secure about my choice of major. It really solidified that I want to spend my life working with kids, because I really do love being around kids.

My 20th birtday was last Tuesday night! I cannot belive I am offically no longer a teenager. And only 360 days until the real fun starts. :) I had school all day and had to do some Dean's Scholars stuff til 6 that night so Caleb was sweet and made dinner for me and made me a strawberry cake! :)

We actually celebrated my birthday on Saturday night because I knew I would be busy and tired out on my actual birthday. He made me a wonderful steak that night and got me some pink roses with yellow lillies and yellow daisies. (I love him, he knows what I like) He also got me a silver necklace that has an engraved C (for Caleb) on the front and on the back it says "Forever and Always". I pretty much love it. :)

Life in the Delta could not be better right now.

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