Thursday, February 11, 2010

Waiting for it to snow

So, it's supposed to come a blizzard tonight, or something like that. I hope it snows enough to cover the ground so 1. I don't have to go to class and take a quiz and 2. it'll be nice and pretty. Southaven has gotten SO much snow now that I don't live there anymore. Lucky them. Caleb and I are keeping our fingers crossed.

Caleb and I got to go home for the first time last weekend for his birthday and for the Super Bowl. Caleb's parents took us out to Corky's for his birthday dinner. :) Caleb and I split a rack of ribs. Yummy. :) My parents had the EYC Super Bowl party at our house which was fun. Stupid Saints won, but that's alright. The Colts have to let someone else win every once in a while, just to be fair. My mom and I were representing. :)

I love this picture!!!

Caleb and I have been sick this week and last week. Caleb had it first and passed it to me. We both had sore throats, coughs, and a fever. Luckily we weren't sick at the same time, so I took care of him and he got well, then I got sick and he took care of me. I lost my voice from Monday til Wednesday. :( I felt so bad and I was sick on Caleb's birthday. Poor Caleb, I didn't even make him a cake. I'll do better next year.
Hopefully Caleb, Bubby, Simba and I will be snowed in by this time tomorrow. :)

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