Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My ideas on healtcare

Before I write this, let's all keep in mind...
1. None of the Healtcare legislation affects me now (as I am on my parents health insurance)
2. I am young. I don't understand what it means to pay for insurance monthly, the burden of medical bill, etc.
3. I do not consider myself a real fan of either mainstream political party.
4. I don't have a televison. I don't keep up with the news (unless it makes the Yahoo! homepage). I don't hear what Katie says on the Nightly News or what Glenn Beck rambles on about on Fox News.

At first, I didn't really understand what all the fuss was about healthcare. What was wrong with it? Why did it need reforming? Why were people so darn upset about it?

So, I looked up some explinations of what the bill said, in plain English. I read something like this article though not this exact one.

After reading this, I thought, "Hey, sounds like a good deal to me."

But then I realized, as a theoretical Libertarian, I should be opposed to such staunch government interference. It scares me to think how much control governemnt has and how it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Because I believe that small government=effecient, people-serving governement. However, we live in the United States, one of the largest countries in the world...small governement isn't going to happen. So all my Libertarian ideals, as much as I believe in them, do not really apply to my real life situation.

That's about the end of my political position on it. Now, for the part that really matters, my emotional response.

I highly recommend everyone go watch the PBS Frontline Special "Sick in America". It does a really good job at putting a face on the millions of American who desperatly need healthcare, but are unable to get it for whatever reason. It made me realize insurance companies are evil. The stories told in this documentary should make anyone believe that there needs to be a way for EVERYONE to have healthcare, even if that means government regulation. In this case, government is the lesser of two evils.

And the bill isn't even going to affect most people. Just the people who really do need health insurance and can't get it. And you know what, if it means I have to pay a little higher premium to help millions of people who need medicine who could previously not afford it, I am OKAY with that.

Go watch the Frontline documentary and put yourself in someone else's shoes. If that were you or your family, would you be so opposed to healthcare reform? I think not.

You should not be so angry over legislation meant to HELP millions of people. And if you are so worried about the cost, why don't you divert all those angry protests over to the TRILLIONS of dollars we spend on war...

Healthcare=Helping People
War=Killing Innocent People

Just think about it.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Mrs. Sherry!

Last night was "Bedtime Story Hour" at DSU. Kids from Cleveland came to the School of Ed. auditorium and we read them stories and did activities with them. I found this really cool book about a panda on sale in the Student Union for $4 and randomly bought it. So I was pretty pumped when I realized I could use it for Bedtime Story Hour.

I brought all 15 panda bears from home and my panda comforter. I wore my "Protect Panda Habitat" t-shirt. I pretty much looked obsessed...which I am. :)

The book is called Zen Shorts by Jon J. Muth. It's about a panda who befriends a set of siblings and teaches them Ancient Chinese wisdom through the telling of short stories, hence the name Zen Shorts.

For my activities, I made posters of Chinese symbols and let the kids copy them in a HANDMADE booklet. I also gave them the link to the Pandacam at the Memphis Zoo ( I also taught them how to hold chopsticks and let them (attempt to) pick up things with them.

I had fun, but it could have been better. We were supposed to work in groups of 4, but I ended up in a group of 2 and my partner didn't come to class the two weeks we had to work on it or last night. So, I did all the work myself. I hand made all of the booklets, bought all of the would have been nice to have help. And I was told to prepare for 25 kids....I had 3. That was a lot of wasted time and money...but if those three kids had fun, then I guess it's all worth it.

Today is Caleb's mom's birthday, so a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her!

Here's a picture of the kittens. They are almost 4 months old. They are growing up TOO FAST!


Monday, March 29, 2010

Turning over a new leaf

So I have decided that I need to blog daily/semi-daily because that's what I started this whole thing for. I want to be able to look back on it and remember what life was like. Even if it's just a poem I read in English or a new recipe that Caleb and I tried, I want to document real life, and for the most part, real life is pretty boring.

So for today, I guess I can update on what's been happening. Caleb was really stressed out and busy last week because of his education class. He has to get 15 hours of observation by the end of the semester, but he can't do it at Margaret Green Middle (which is right across the street). He has to drive (at least) 10 minutes outside of Cleveland and observe somewhere esle. Which is difficult considering we both have class from 9-3 everyday. I hope he is able to figure it out and his professor understands his situation. I have to take that class next semester, but at least I am aware now that I will have to observe, so I can make my schedule around the times I need to observe.

Which, it's almost that time. Time to meet with advisors and get schedules for next semester. I pretty much know what I need/want to take, I just hope it all fits in my schedule. I really need to take a summer class or two, but summer school is expensive and there are NO scholarships that cover it.(which is really stupid because if you gave people scholarships for summer, they could graduate faster, get jobs, and pay back all those loans and scholarships faster...the world would work so much better if I were in charge). But I'll be taking Curriculum&Feild Experience, Speech, Philosophy, French, Child Psycology, and either another education, French or English class.

I'm also going to suggest watching three French movies that I have fallen in love with. Forgive me if I spell them wrong and don't have the right accent marks.
1. Avoir et Etre
2. L'auberage espagnol
3. Moliere
These are really the only French movies I've ever seen, but I have loved them. Not just because they are French, but they each tell a wonderful story with a kind of humor, love and style I don't think many American movies try to create. But that's just my opinion. :)


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break!

Hurray! It's finally Spring Break! A whole week of not worrying about school, no waking up early and just being lazy. Yes, please!

Caleb and I went to Southaven for the first part of SB. I have to admit, I'm glad to be back in Cleveland. It feels more like home than anything these days. :)

We went to my cousin Charlsa's wedding on Saturday. It was a really nice wedding and it was good to see all my family (and show off my ring!!!). I'm so happy for Charlsa and Cooper and can't wait until it's my turn. :)

We got the kittens a cat leash so they can go play outside now. (They are SO spoiled) Simba loves it, Bubby, not so much. But I think she will get used to it and start having some fun.


Sunday, March 7, 2010


Well, it finally happened! Caleb and I are engaged now! I am so happy and so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He asked me on Wednesday night, but we wanted to tell our families in person, so I couldn't tell until Friday. It just about drove me crazy. I wanted to tell EVERYONE. I still want to tell everyone. :)

We have no idea when we're getting married as of now, but I cannot wait to start looking for dresses and start thinking about colors. :) :) :)