Monday, March 29, 2010

Turning over a new leaf

So I have decided that I need to blog daily/semi-daily because that's what I started this whole thing for. I want to be able to look back on it and remember what life was like. Even if it's just a poem I read in English or a new recipe that Caleb and I tried, I want to document real life, and for the most part, real life is pretty boring.

So for today, I guess I can update on what's been happening. Caleb was really stressed out and busy last week because of his education class. He has to get 15 hours of observation by the end of the semester, but he can't do it at Margaret Green Middle (which is right across the street). He has to drive (at least) 10 minutes outside of Cleveland and observe somewhere esle. Which is difficult considering we both have class from 9-3 everyday. I hope he is able to figure it out and his professor understands his situation. I have to take that class next semester, but at least I am aware now that I will have to observe, so I can make my schedule around the times I need to observe.

Which, it's almost that time. Time to meet with advisors and get schedules for next semester. I pretty much know what I need/want to take, I just hope it all fits in my schedule. I really need to take a summer class or two, but summer school is expensive and there are NO scholarships that cover it.(which is really stupid because if you gave people scholarships for summer, they could graduate faster, get jobs, and pay back all those loans and scholarships faster...the world would work so much better if I were in charge). But I'll be taking Curriculum&Feild Experience, Speech, Philosophy, French, Child Psycology, and either another education, French or English class.

I'm also going to suggest watching three French movies that I have fallen in love with. Forgive me if I spell them wrong and don't have the right accent marks.
1. Avoir et Etre
2. L'auberage espagnol
3. Moliere
These are really the only French movies I've ever seen, but I have loved them. Not just because they are French, but they each tell a wonderful story with a kind of humor, love and style I don't think many American movies try to create. But that's just my opinion. :)


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