Sunday, April 25, 2010

Where did April go???

Ok, I have NO idea where the month of April went. Between Caleb being super busy two weeks ago and me being SUPER busy last week, April has just flown by. I have ONE more week of classes and then finals week and I will be done with sophomore year!!!!
Dean's Scholars took me to Nashville Wed-Fri of this week. I must admit that it was the most fun trip we went on this semester. Us girls had a lot of fun hanging out together and the conference was really informative and useful. The event was the Council for Execptional Children's national conference. It was HUGE! The conference was held at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Convention Center. Olivia and I got lost more than once trying to find all of the sessions we wanted to go to.

I think I liked this conference most of all because I got to go to sessions that delt with problems and situations that I will encounter in a high school setting. I attened sessions about gifted children, how to teach writing skills to kids with ADHD, a session on creating an appropriate cirruculum for disabled children, and a session on how to identify with culturally diverse students. While I don't plan on teaching special ed or gifted ed, this conference really helped me realize that I will be encountering ALL KINDS of students in my classroom and I need to be prepared to help every student in any way I can.
I've decided that is the main reason that I want to be a teacher. I want to help every student I come across in some way. I know that in some kid's lives, they don't have positive role models and they don't have anyone who believes in them. I want to be that person. I think everyone deserves an education that helps them achieve thier potential. Who knows how many potentially great students are caught up in the system and don't have anyone to support and encourage them. I want my students to know I believe in them and that I care about them. I think that will make more difference in thier lives than any French or English I teach them. Everyone thinks that my idealism and positive attitude is naivity, but I really think it is what a good teacher must believe every single day.
On a different note, here's a picture of Brittany (a fellow Dean's Scholar) and me at our Award's Ceremony. I got two awards. :)
Now on to math homework and 3 phonics lessons. :(
I think I will die if I ever have to think about phonics or phonemic awareness ever again. Ugh.

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