Friday, June 25, 2010

Blog Abuse!!!

Ok, so my blog has seriously been neglected over the summer! I suppose that's because I haven't had much to blog about. Caleb and I have been desperatly looking for jobs since school got out, but we didn't have much luck as fast as we thought we would. So up until now, we have just been sitting around the house, watching Netflix....and that's about it.

Finally, though, I got a job working in the pharmacy at Fred's in Indianola. I'm supposed to start sometime soon. (Believe me, it cannot come soon enough!!!)

The kittens are getting all grown up! They went to the vet and had their surgeries two weeks ago and they both weighed over 5 pounds! And, for some reason, they both got tattoos on thier tummys to show they were fixed. I told Caleb he needs to get a tatttoo on his stomach now to match the rest of us. :)

O, and I am super jealous of my little brother who just happens to be in merry ole England right about now. But I'll make it to Europe one of these days, hopefully. :)

I'll do better about updating!


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