Sunday, January 29, 2012

Easy pasta salad!

I am totally obsessed with pasta salad. It is just so versatile...I mean, it goes with ANYTHING! And you can make it however fancy you want....just pasta with some salad dressing is yummy, but you can add so many layers and make it as simple or sophisticated as you want. BEST. SIDE. DISH. EVER.

Tonight, Caleb and I had over one of our best couple friends. We made grilled hot dogs, salad, and the following pasta salad. The pasta salad stole the show. I can't wait to make it again!

Super Easy Parmesan Pasta Salad:
(I am not real big on measuring, so just go with what looks right)

Wagon Wheel Pasta
Frozen Corn
Frozen Green Beans
Real Bacon Bits (or pre-cooked bacon strips torn)
Sour Cream
Lemon Juice
Roasted Garlic
Parmesean Cheese (grated is what we like)
Salt and Pepper

1. Boil the pasta to al dente
2. Blance the corn and greeen beans to tender-crisp (I followed the instructions on the bag and did it in the microwave)
3. Micowave bacon and cut (or tear)  into small pieces
4. Mix 1/4 cup mayo and 1/4 cup sour cream in separate bowl
5. Add 1 tablespoon (or a little more...I did) of lemon juice , 1/2 teaspoon garlic, and a handful or two of parmesean to mayo/s.cream mixture
6. Salt and pepper mixture to taste.
7. Mix everything together in a large serving bowl.
8. Chill in the fridge 30 minutes to 1 hour.

It was super yummy, and despite it being PASTA salad, it was surprisingly light. And I bet the left overs tomorrow will be AMAZING!


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