Monday, January 30, 2012

Red Carpet Wrap-Up

Now that Caleb and I have cable again (after two years without it, major sacrifice!!!) I got to watch E!'s coverage of the SAG Awards red carpet last night! O, how I love pretty dresses. So here are some of my favorites...and some of my misses.

 Natalie Portman was probably my favorite of the night. This dress is a beautiful color and interesting in a way that doesn't scream "LOOK AT ME! I'M A MOVIE STAR"

 Though I usually don't find her particularly attractive (just keeping it real here), Julianna Margulies looked quite lovely. The beading was do die for...though probably quite heavy, so kudos to her.

In my eyes, Emma Stone can do no wrong. Just adorable.

Diana Agron always looks so lady like! I love her style. This dress is just the right amount of sexy (with the low v neck).

And my last favorite is Viola Davis. Girl can clean up!!! And if you watched the show, she had on some body shimmer that made her skin SPARKLE, which she could totally do because she won Best Actress.

Now for the misses...poor ladies.

Ok, Jessica Chastain looks pretty ok. The dress is a nice color, but simple. Her hair is pretty. BUT girlfriend needs some lipstick ASAP. On the show, her lips looked almost blue/purple. So sad because I really like her.

Opposed to her Glee costar, Lea Michele is getting sexy ALL WRONG. I mean, you can pretty much see her whoo-ha. It's just too much.

I actually really, really, really love this dress. If I could go to prom all over again, I would wear this dress. But sadly for Kaley Cuoco, this is not senior prom and she is not 16. It is a beautiful, girly dress...but the SAG awards are not the place for it.

Dear Zoe Saladana, Why are you wearing a wife beater under your pretty white dress?? Love, Nicole

Who let Kristin Wiig out of the car with that necklace on? She looks beautiful if she would take the damn choker off. Again, so sad because she was SOOO close.

Last, is Michelle Williams. The color is great for her, but what you can't see in this picture is the weird 90's inspired asymetrical hem going on. O it makes me cringe.

So what did you guys think about the fashion last night? Agree or disagree with me?


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