Friday, January 27, 2012's been awhile

Well. I started this blog to document my life with Caleb and a I did a pretty good job at it for all of....what...6 months? I am a blogging failure. However, it has become a recent obsession of mine to voraciously read other people's I have decided to rejoin the community. After having a discussion with my dear friend Olivia, who can be found blogging here, I decided that I should re-try my hand at this blogging business.

Because, dammit, my life is important.

I suppose I should start with an (brief) update on life since I left off.

In March 2011, Caleb and I adopted our  spoiled rotten baby, Sadie.

And then in October, the 15th to be exact, Caleb and I got MARRIED...finally...

And we went on a lovely honeymoon to Disney World

And finally in December, we moved into an incredibly nice (for Cleveland, MS and our budget) apartment.

So for now, Caleb is finishing up school (he will be done in MAY!!!) and I'm slowly, but surely making progress toward  my BA in French Education. More to come later, for sure.



  1. I'm SO glad you are re-entering the blogosphere, because your life IS important! I'm also excited to see what all you have to inspire and share with us!

    1. haha. All week it has haunted me saying how I wasn't a good writer and that my life wasn't interesting. Well no more of that!!!