Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Totally Honest Tuesday

I am starting a new thing here on my blog and I am calling it Totally Honest Tuesday. THT is a chance for me to blow off some steam about what's been bothering me, admit some failures/insecurities, or just keep it real.

I invite you to join in with me...because we all know there are some things we all need to get off our chests.

So, here it goes...

To be totally honest....I really miss my husband since he has started student teaching. I know he is under tons of pressure and is worn out all the time, but I need him. 1 hour each day (if I am lucky) is not enough. Lonely wife over here.

TBTH....I have no motivation to do school work as of right now. Like ZERO.

TBTH....While I love having friends over to our house, what I love even more is that people coming over is the best reason to clean my house top to bottom. Without  someone is coming into my house in 5 hours, cleaning just doesn't seem important. But one thing my mom taught me is that when you have company, you clean your little butt off.

TBTH...I had a lot of fun the other night out with my friends without my husband. Girl time is priceless and I forget that sometimes.

TBTH...I really want a baby. I blame my hormones/biological clock.

TBTH...Whoever decided how Blair's (from Gossip Girl...we're on a first name basis) hair should be done for her wedding in tonight's episode needs to be FIRED. It was terrible.

TBTH....Things like Blair's hair make me legit mad.

TBTH...I talk to my dog like she is a person all.the.time. And she understands.



  1. Your honesty made me literally laugh out loud (especially the part about Blair's hair). Also, I am SO proud that you are keeping up with your blog!