Thursday, February 16, 2012

Delta State Love

Let me begin with a some back story. During my senior year of high school, I looked seriously at going to 3 colleges. Ole Miss (where I ended up freshman year), University of Memphis and Delta State University. I toured all three and as I finished up senior year, Delta State was about the last place on Earth I imagined myself. Fast forward a year...I was starting my sophomore year and I was miserable at Ole Miss. Caleb and I decided we needed a change of scenery. After many late nights considering the future, we decided that since we both wanted to be teachers, Delta State was the logical choice. (For those of you not familiar with Mississippi, a degree in education from Delta State holds a LOT of weight.)

In the 2 years we have been at Delta State, I have fallen in love with a place that I initially hated. Delta State has provided me the college experience I wanted to have plus so much more. As the title of my blog hints to, Caleb and I love the Delta. This university, this town, this region...they have all stolen my heart. Home is now the Delta.

So here is a little love for the university I hold so dear. These are part a new ad campaign featuring real Delta State students and our infamous mascot, the Fighting Okra. They are so funny, cheeky and representative of this wonderful place in the middle of nowhere. Hope you get some laughs.



  1. how fun! love hearing some of your story!

    and thanks for the comment on my hair! hehe