Monday, February 13, 2012

Life Update

This weekend was such a busy/fun blur. I got to go to Hattiesburg for a teaching conference and the Caleb met me down there for a fun-filled birthday weekend.

Here's my recap.

 Me being all official and grown up.

My outfit for Caleb's birthday celebration. I didn't get a picture of us together. Bad wife!

We went out to eat at The Keg and Barrel in Hattiesburg. They have a TON of a whole wall of taps. They also have some pretty tasty food. I got the "Hangover Cure #1" and it was fab. (I cannot speak to its hangover curing abilities, however.)

While in Hattiesburg, we went by Lowe's to find a shelf for the living room. Instead of buying a premade (and more expensive) shelf, Caleb decided he would just buy some material and make his own. I was quite skeptical at how it would turn out, but I'm pretty pleased. And it cost us 1/3 of the price. :)

And as much as I enjoyed my little vaca, I LOVE coming home to these little faces. They are my heart. 

Finally, when I got home from work today, I had this little happy waiting for me in my mail box. Have you heard about Birchbox? It's happiness in a box. Every month, they send you a pretty pink box with 5 custom picked beauty samples. So fun! I got 2 moisturizers, Viva La Juicy sample, some eyeliner and a chocolate bar. Can't wait to try it all out. :)



  1. Yah! Sounds like a super fun weekend! Also, your outfit was adorable and feminine!

  2. Thanks Olivia! They have a Forever 21 in the mall in Hattiesburg, which is where my outfit came form. That place makes me happy.