Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Totally Honest Tuesday, Valentine's Day Edition

Today is Valentine's Day (for those of you who live under a rock) which means I checked out more cards, chocolate and balloons at work today to last me a LIFETIME! But in all seriousness, it was nice to see so many guys stepping up to show their wives/girlfriends/baby mammas how special they are. Girls love presents, no matter what shape or form. :)

Here's a few pictures from my Valentine's Day with some honesty mixed in.

 TBTH...my husband was going to make dinner for me but I totally took over decided to help him. He picked out this recipe because it's French and I am a huge francophile. It turned out very, very good.

This is the necklace I got our very first Valentine's Day together (the heart) and my Skoosh pearl necklace I got this year. 
TBTH....I really hate the heart pendant. I only wear it once or twice a year to make Caleb feel good. 

TBTH...I have really been eyeing a Skoosh necklace for some time without mentioning it to my husband. I think this just goes to show how well Caleb knows me. :) 

Caleb and his fifth graders made this for me today! How cute, right? 
 TBTH...Even though teaching takes up all his time, it makes me so happy to see Caleb doing something he loves and it wonderful at. Even though I have never seen him teach, I know he is amazing and all of his students are lucky to have him (and so am I).

TBTH...my husband looks like a crazy person. (he is not)
TBTH...I am trying really hard to talk him into a new camera so my pictures don't completely suck! 

After Caleb went to bed...
TBTH...I might have polished off one of these by myself. Hey....it's a holiday, right?

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!



  1. awe looks like you had a lovely valentines day!!! ; )