Saturday, March 31, 2012

Confessions from Behind the Counter, Part 1

As I may or may not have detailed on here, I work in a pharmacy part time to supplement our income. I have never had any desire to be any kind of health care worker; working in the pharmacy is a part time gig to make ends meet. However, I have had some CRAZY experiences working in a rural Mississippi pharmacy. Here are some of my more...exceptional... memories.

1. There's this one guy that comes in, we'll call him "Lil Jon". Lil Jon is one of my regular customers. Now, I call him Lil Jon because he sounds JUST FREAKING like Lil Jon. He doesn't say too much but his "YEEEEAAAAHHH" and "SAAAY WHAAAAAT?" sound just like the rapper. Whenever I see him coming, I start giggling like a crazy person. And one time, while I was waiting on him, he pulled out everything in his pocket to get his money....marijuana included. I stood there dumbfounded....the man hands me a five dollar bill and a bag o' weed (accidentally)... it doesn't get more comical than that. O yea, then he yells "I'M 'BOUT A NICKEL SHORT!" So I gave him a nickel, he got his medicine, got his weed, and I was barely able to hold in my laughter until he was out of the door.

2. I have been bled on...twice. The first time I was bled on, it wasn't such a big deal. The lady had sliced her finger and had just gotten back from the ER. She was all bandaged up...but the cut just kept bleeding. She was leaking through her bandage onto her money/my hand. I wasn't happy, but it wasn't anything that some germ-x and hand soap couldn't cure. BUT THE SECOND TIME...that is a whoooole different story.
So guy comes in with a prescription for an antibiotic because dude has a STAPH infection. He hands said prescription over to the pharmacist and he is told it'll be a 20 minute wait. So dude thinks, "No big deal....I'll chill and wait." 15 minutes later I call dude and let him know that after the two other people in line, he is next. SO what does any normal person do in this situation??? Why...check one's blood sugar of course. Duh! So while dude is waiting in line for his RX, he decides to check his blood sugar in his OPEN WOUND in which he has a STAPH INFECTION. Yea, it's gross. So dude is in line checking his blood sugar when I fatefully call his name to let him know his RX is ready. Big mistake, Nicole. Dude is fumbling with his testing strip and his wound has started to bleed uncontrollably at this point...but nooooo, dude is oblivious to this. I tell him it'll be a dollar ten and he gives me a dollar bill and a big ole gush o' blood all on my hand. O yes, he bled staph all over me. Yea, I don't get paid enough for that shit.

3. A really cute guy (don't tell Caleb) comes in to get some meds for his sick puppy. (All together now, "Aaawwwwwww") My boss and I are both puppy lovers who regularly exchange puppylove stories. So Cute Guy with Sick Puppy hands over the RX. My pharmacist, being the puppylover that he is, starts asking all the standard puppy questions..."How old is it? Boy or girl? What's it's name?' and so on. Cute Dude kind of fumbles all these questions, but neither I nor my pharmacist think too much of it. I check out Cute Dude with alleged puppy. No big deal....UNTIL....about 5 minutes after I check out Cute Dude, my coworker starts yelling at me to come to our big drive-thru window. Cute Guy has pulled over to the side of the pharmacy and is hunched over with his head inside his trunk.
"O, he is probably just trying to give his sick pup its medicine."
"No, Nicole, dude just lit up a pipe"
"What? Nah-uh. He is just giving his dog some meds and big deal"
O, if only I knew.
Next thing I see is dude whipping out his crack pipe. Like legit, as-seen-on "Intervention" crack pipe.  He doesn't even take the pills out of their casing....just dumps 15 pills into his pipe and lights that shit on a PUBLIC PARKING LOT.
Again...I am dumbfounded...I thought the dude had a sick I was feeling sorry for the dog, asking 10 billion questions from one fellow puppy owner to the next...and it turns out dude probably never even had a dog. He just picked up some stray in the hopes of getting a prescription and getting high in a parking lot....That makes me mad on a whole new level...

I think three pharmacy stories is enough for ya'll for now...but believe me, there are plenty more where that came from. Like the time I was called a "F***ing retard"...yea, that is one of my favorites and you're going to have to stick around for Confessions Part 2.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My therapy

Work was terrible today. Like I made a lady cry I came home and had one of these beauties. My stomach may hurt tomorrow but tonight, my world is just a little happier. Hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend as much as I am!


Friday, March 23, 2012

Where I wish I was...

Florida, Summer 2011

I would give just about anything to be on the beach right now. 


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Is this Mississippi?

Let's get some things straight before I begin.

1. I am Mississippi born and raised.
2. I LOVE Mississippi.
3. I consider myself quite the liberal.
4. I'm also a fan of Bill Maher

Ok, so I saw this on TV the other day and I cannot figure out just how I feel about it.
Let's watch, shall we?

When I first saw it, it made me quite angry. Just what Mississippi needs...another handful of backwards, bible thumping, toothless morons presented as representing the whole of Mississippians. That is NOT who I am. That is not who my friends are. That is not (mostly) who my family is. I know tons of free thinking, educated, normal, middle class people.

But, after thinking for a while, I realized that, sadly, there is a large percentage of the population that are JUST LIKE these people. Seriously, I would say 3/4 of my (white) customers at work look/sound/act like these people.

I feel very conflicted. This is nothing new, though. Growing up in Mississippi, one is forced to reconcile a lot of things. Mississippi's past, my family's past, race, religion, socioeconomic status. All of those things are so difficult in Mississippi. There is a fine line between being proud of where I am from and being mortified by some of the things that happen here. Being Southern is wonderful, but hard.

I think Kathryn Stockett said it best.
"Mississippi is like my mother. I am allowed to complain about her all I want, but God help the person who raises an ill word about her around me, unless she is their mother too."

Opinions, anyone?


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break is Over

I wish I could say that the hubs and I had a wonderful, fabulous Spring Break trip to the beach, but alas, we didn't. We just stayed in little ole Cleveland and worked most of the week. It was nice to have a break from the craziness of Caleb's student-teaching - aka the worst way to spend your first 6 months of marriage- but more on that later.

Here are a few pictures that recap the pleasant boringness that was Spring Break 2012.

You see that look of innocence on my daughter's face? Don't believe it for one moment. You see, Sadie got into the dirty clothes hamper and she ATE over 6 pairs of my underwear. I was mad, but that face made me die laughing.

Caleb and I went to a local bar to play trivia Wednesday night! We LOVE trivia and are pretty darn good at it, if I say so myself. We actually met in high school on our school's Knowledge Bowl team. If anyone in the Memphis area watches late night/early morning channel 5, you may even see us competing on TV. We filmed it over 5 years ago, but someone told me they saw me on TV recently.
 Us on TV our Senior Year. Classic.

I made dinner one night...I don't exactly remember which night this was. But I made fried pork chops, grilled asperagus, cresent rolls, and mushroom gravy. I have recently learned how to make a gravy from scratch, and since then, I make one with EVERYTHING. For some reason, making a gravey makes me feel like Bobby Flay or something.

I got this Essie nail polish in my Birchbox this month. I AM IN LOVVEE. It's like a party on my nails. :)

Hope yall are having a fabulous week back to reality.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Our Honeymoon!

Our honeymoon was pretty fabulous, but it happened by accident.

Caleb was put in charge of our honeymoon (since my mom, wedding planner and I planned the whole wedding). To be blunt...Caleb is a horrible planner. I don't know why I put him in charge of that. It was about 4 weeks before our wedding and we still had NO honeymoon.

I went to our hometown for a weekend for a bridal shower. I casually mentioned to my grandmother that Caleb STILL had not set in stone planned our honeymoon. I mentioned that I really wanted to go to Disney World but there was no way we could afford it.

The next day after church and before my bridal shower, my grandmother called and asked me to come over. I had no idea what that was I was a bit skeptical...haha.

She and my grandfather amazingly offered to pay for our entire honeymoon to Disney World. I. Was. So. Excited. Like crying tears of sheer joy, excited. We got to use their air miles and they paid for our hotel and park admission!!!!! It was a dream come true.

So over our Fall Break from school, 3 days after our wedding, we packed up and flew to Orlando. We stayed at the Port Orleans Resort on the WDW property and it was just plain lovely. I had the best time. I couldn't have imagined a better honeymoon!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our fun week in Disney! I never imagined two adults could have so much (adult) fun in DW!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Name Game

My name is Nicole Pauline Calvert. That's the name my parents gave me the night I was born, and that is the one I am sticking with.

When I was a little girl, I always imagined growing up and getting married. I would doodle "Mrs. Nicole Martin" (I was going to marry Ricky Martin, FYI) or "Mrs. Justin Timberlake" all over my notebooks. I would be Mrs. Someone, not Ms. Nicole Calvert. I would get married and I would become someone else...that's just what a nice, Southern girl did.

About 6 months before my wedding, Caleb and I were on our way home from Jackson, driving in the middle of nowhere...and it hit me...I don't want to be Mrs. Caleb Boettcher. I don't even want to be Mrs. Nicole Boettcher. That's not my name.

I'm not really sure why that notion hit me then and there, but I think it was always bubbling somewhere deep inside me. I've always been pretty sure of who I am and my name is my identity. It's who I am...who I will always be. I'm not interested in being someone else. Nicole Pauline Calvert. Me.

And I am a touch of a feminist. Why should I change my name for a man? Why is HIS name more important than mine? Well, it's not. 

So I laid this tidbit of info on Caleb. I am lucky in that Caleb is about as easy going and nonchalant as they come. He doesn't care what my name is. Sweet thing actually offered to change his last name. :)

We agreed to both hyphenate our names. But Calvert-Boettcher is crazy long and hard to remember/pronounce. I was open to this for  a while. I tried it on for the first few months of our marriage. But it didn't stick. I still introduced myself as Nicole Calvert. I wrote that on all my papers. The new name wasn't cutting it.  So it had to go.

Having the same last name doesn't make us any more "married".  A shared name might be easier for society to understand, but a name will not change my feelings or our family. Sure, I'm sure our families will be confused. And I will probably be addressed as Mrs.Boettcher the rest of my life. That's ok. I know who I am.

I am Nicole Pauline Calvert and always will be.


PS. I have NO idea what we will do when we have kids. I guess I will cross that bridge when we come to it.


1. satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more or anything else.
2. something that Nicole struggles with continually. 

Lately, actually no, my whole life I have struggled with not feeling content with what my life consisted of. I always wanted to be older, have a better boyfriend, go to a different college, have more money, be on my own, have my own house, have my own family....nothing is ever good enough it seems. 

I have told myself that this is just me looking to the future; being aware of what I want and preparing for it. But its not. I get one thing that I REALLY wanted...few days later...I'm unsatisfied. I want more. I ALWAYS want more. 

But what happens when there isn't more? 

Or even scarier, what if I don't really know what it is I want?

Two very scary questions that I don't know the answer to. 

I think I need a therapist. 


Monday, March 12, 2012

Sadie's Adoption Story

One year ago today, this little love-bug became my Sadie.

I begged and begged (and begged some more) Caleb for a puppy for a couple of months. Around Spring Break 2011, Caleb decided it was finally time. We went to the shelter in Greenwood and found a 1 year old dog that we both liked. We decided she would be ours. We filled out all the paperwork and waited for her to be released to us in 3 days. In that time, the shelter discovered that the pup had BAD heartworms and she would need immediate treatment. Unfortunatly, we didn't have $500 to spend on her needed treatment and we couldn't get her.

I. was. devastated. 

So after mourning the puppy we didn't have, we decided to try the shelter here in Cleveland. We originally didn't want a puppy, for the obvious reasons. But as we walked the kennels, there was this face staring back at me.

That face was my Sadie, a 7 week old lab mix. We filled out more paperwork, and then the following Saturday, Caleb met me a work for lunch with Sadie in the back seat. :) It was love.

We were a family right off the bat. We went to the park on my lunch break and got Sonic as a family. I was so happy and she was the most playful puppy.

And then...(DUN DUN DUN)...Sadie threw up. We chalked that up to too much Sonic for a little girl. But then Caleb took her home and she did it agian...and again...and again. So Caleb called the vet and they said to bring her in ASAP. Turns out, little girl had Parvo, a potentially deadly disease for puppies.  :(

Last spring break for us was filled with trips to see Sadie at the vet, with her IV hookup and all. When we weren't at the vet with Sade, we called them nonstop. We probably (no, we did) got on their last nerves, but I was scared for my new baby. I was such a new mom.

After a week at the vet, Sadie was well enough to come home! And she has been healthy and happy ever since.

She is the best puppy daughter. She loves to chew, chase the cats, keep watch of the house, eat everything, and play outside. She has changed my life in such a positive way. I can't wait for a life full of Sadie kisses every morning. :) Here are some of my favorite pictures of my baby.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dinner Date Night (on a budget!)

I woke up this morning and seriously thought that my appendix had burst. My stomach hurt so bad! I suppose my appendix is still intact, as the pain subsided with a handful of Tylenol and a day full of Grey's Anatomy. Needless to say though, I took it easy most of the day.

The hubs got off work early today (!Happywife!) and I was feeling better so I decided we should spend some quality time together and have a homemade dinner!!

I made these roasted chicken legs from The Pioneer Woman...who just happens to be my culinary hero. Her food is so full of flavor and just as easy to make. They were super juicy, which is a miracle for me because my chicken is ALWAYS dry! One thing I would do differently next time is LOAD on the spices. She says not to skimp in her recipe and she means it!! Pile it on because the parts of the skin that had lots of seasoning were by far the best part. (I know the skin is super unhealthy...but it's so dang good...)

I also made some chicken and broccoli rice (from a package). You know the best part of this meal??? It cost around $4 to make. I got the legs on sale at Kroger for $2 (!!!), the rice was a dollar, and the seasoning for the chicken I already had but probably cost a .50 for the amounts I used. Less than $2 a person. For us broke college kids, this is as fancy as a $4 meal gets. Perhaps the price tag made it taste extra good. ;)


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Our Engagement Pictures

Since I wasn't actively blogging when we had our engagement pictures taken, I have decided to back-track in time and post them now. And really, they just make me happy to look at!

Our pictures were taken on Delta State's campus and in downtown Cleveland. Our photographer Susan Prater was amazing. You can find her facebook here, and her blog here. I love the way they turned out.  :)