Thursday, April 12, 2012

A few of my favorite things

Just a little random post to share some of the things that have been making my world just a little happier.

1. Instagram!
I just about died from excitement when I realized that Instagram is now available for Android users!

 2. My SodaStream soda maker
Caleb got me the SodaStream for Christmas and I didn't start using it right away. Recently, I've realized that I have been drinking a TON of soda and needed to cut some of those calories (because my fat jeans were feeling a little tight...) Enter SodaStream. I use it to make SUPER fizzy water. Yes, just water. I tried one or two of the syrups but don't really care for them. But the water is AMAZING. The main reason I love soda (and champagne) is the bubbles. I realized I don't need all the sugar that comes with the soda, just give me the fizz. The bottles that come with it are 1 liter, I think, and I have been drinking 2-3 of these each day. Seriously, go get one. I promise it will be awesome.

3. A whole weekend off
I haven't had a free Saturday this semester. I have only been off one and I was busy, busy, busy that day and didn't get to enjoy it. But guess what? I am OFF WORK for two whole days starting at 6pm tomorrow. I am so excited. I get 48 hours straight with my hubs and my pup. 

4. The Voice
I am not one to watch reality singing competition. Funny story, actually....I watched the second season of American Idol in middle school. I was devastated when Clay Aiken didn't win and swore off singing competitions forever. But the creators of The Voice are crafty. The premier came on right after the Super Bowl and it just sucked me in. I loves it. Right now I am rooting for Juliet from Team CeeLo, Mathai from Team Adam, Lindsey from Team Christina, and Erin from Team Blake!

Have a happy Friday! 


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