Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My cure for baby fever

I have baby fever BAD. Like I go on tinyprints and make fake birth announcements bad...

If you need real birth announcements, TinyPrints has the cutest stuff around.

Yes, I have a problem. Caleb and I are nowhere near ready to have a baby....well, I might be emotionally ready, but that is just about it. We aren't where we want to be financially or professionally. Caleb still wants to go out and explore the world. We screw up taking care of our dog half the time (like yesterday when she nearly died from swollowing a plastic easter egg) so I can't imagine a baby in our lives right now.

But none the less, I want one BAD.

Luckily, I have stumbled upon the following two articles. They sucked that baby fever right out of me with things like "detached nipples" and that my whoo-ha will turn into "swollen, stitched up mighty mess that even Stephen King couldn't dream up". O my.

So ladies, if you need a cool compress to that baby fever, I urge you to read these two articles. They certainly scared me straight....for a while...

*DISCLAIMER: These are a bit graphic and way TMI. Read at your own risk*

1. The joy of breastfeeding
2. 10 things they don't tell you because no one would want to have a baby if they knew this stuff


PS- If we do have a baby girl, that will not be her name. Caleb hates it. But if I had my way right now, that would be her name.


  1. HAHA this is too cute =) I totally understand what you mean about the name, my husband and I dont agree on any names so good thing we arent pregnant yet =)
    Happy to have found your blog today =)
    Much Love,