Monday, May 7, 2012

Recipe success, picture taking failure

We had a pre-graduation party at our house Friday night and our favorite couple friends came over. I wanted to make something easy and something everyone likes. I decided on lasagna. I used this recipe from Anne Burrell (a fav in this Food Network watching house) as a starting off point but I diverged quite a bit.

First, I started  browning one pound of hot Italian sausage and 3/4 pound ground beef in a skillet.
I also got one whole package of lasagna noodles boiling
And I warmed up 1/2 jar mushroom spaghetti sauce and 2 cans of regular tomato sauce

While all of that was going, I chopped 1 medium zucchini and 1/2 package of mushrooms. Add vegetables and a pat o butter to a hot pan and cook until tender crisp.

And the final prep stage (before assembling) is the cheese mixture. I used 1 medium tub of ricotta cheese, 1/4 package of shredded parmesean, 1/2 package of Italian blend cheese and 2 eggs.

Everything went off without a hitch until I got to the assembly part.

I had plenty of noodles and meat. I had an ok amount of vegetables (if it were just for me, I would have liked to have had a lot more, but I wasn't sure how our company would like them). But I did not have nearly enough of the ricotta mixture or sauce. I had to go pretty sparingly on both. If you like a dry lasagna (I don't really), that MAY be enough sauce for you, but you really need to AT LEAST double the cheese mixture. Because, really, is it lasagna if it isn't dripping in cheese?

Overall, our company really liked it (we had NONE left over). I thought it was a good first attempt at my own spin on lasagna and I've learned some tips for next time. It definatly was not a failure of a dinner party...but that might be the bottles of wine we down...


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