Saturday, June 30, 2012


Right now, I feel like an especially loved person.

My Gran, who is a woman of modest means, gave me an awesome weekend last week. She made us huge dinners of vegetables with homemade chocolate pies. She took me shopping. She sent us home with the contents of her refriderator, freezer and pantry. And to top that all off, yesterday when I got home, I had a package. It was a brand new pair of hot pink TOMS. She had noticed how ratty my old ones looked and thought I needed new ones.

She melts my heart. I mean really, could the lady be any sweeter?

My husband isn't so bad either. He is currently making me fried pickles. SO EXCITED.  :)


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Instagram update

Still not ready to dig down deep and get out those feelings, so here is a casual post of Instagram pictures to fill you in on life lately.

 This modern day Plantation backs up to our yard.

 Fire! in the Delta

 "Moooooooommmm...can i PLEASE have some cereal"

 I think I have failed to mention that I am also a Mom to two cats. This here is Simba.

And this is his sister Bubi

 Trivia night at Hey Joe's

Where I had an amaziiinnng Angry Orchard hard cider. This is the new love of my life. It's like apple juice and champagne. 

We had some really scary weather in Mississippi a week or so ago. And of course our redneck neighbor sat out on his porch drinking and narrating the whole thing. 

And finally, on Monday I appearently "froze" our ai-rconditioning. Who knew it would freeze if I cranked it down to 60? It ridiculously hot here in the Delta and I am willing to pay the outlandish energy bill if I can sleep in relative coolness while still in bed with my husband and pup. 


Friday, June 15, 2012

On my hiatus.

Please excuse my absence, blog-world. Here's my obligatory blog post explaining my silence.

1. I haven't done anything blog-worthy since summer started. I go to work. I go to summer school. I sit on the couch and watch Criminal Minds (aka my new favorite show) marathons. Sometimes, if I am feeling super energized, I take Sadie on walks or drives. It's not a life to write home about.

2. Life has been hard lately and I do NOT want to be a negative Nancy (or negative Nicole, I suppose). I don't want my little space on the internet to be filled with complaints, whining, moping, and self-pity. There is enough of that in the world. No one wants to read about how depressing my life is (or at least I hope you don't).

3. I have been working through some really REAL emotions and feelings that I do want to share with the world, but every time I try to start writing or talking about them, nothing does it justice. I think partly I'm scared to say some things out loud, but they are things I really, really want to say. This blog was started to document the milestones in my life, and I feel like there is a real shift coming on the horizon. I feel like I am finally becoming a "grown up". I feel myself changing more and more. I want to journal all of this on the blog. I just need to find my voice.

So there is the scoop. I wish I had a cool story about how I ran away to play tambourine in a traveling band, or decided to become a recluse in the French countryside, or even how the FBI came and recruited me to be an undercover agent...but alas...