Thursday, June 21, 2012

Instagram update

Still not ready to dig down deep and get out those feelings, so here is a casual post of Instagram pictures to fill you in on life lately.

 This modern day Plantation backs up to our yard.

 Fire! in the Delta

 "Moooooooommmm...can i PLEASE have some cereal"

 I think I have failed to mention that I am also a Mom to two cats. This here is Simba.

And this is his sister Bubi

 Trivia night at Hey Joe's

Where I had an amaziiinnng Angry Orchard hard cider. This is the new love of my life. It's like apple juice and champagne. 

We had some really scary weather in Mississippi a week or so ago. And of course our redneck neighbor sat out on his porch drinking and narrating the whole thing. 

And finally, on Monday I appearently "froze" our ai-rconditioning. Who knew it would freeze if I cranked it down to 60? It ridiculously hot here in the Delta and I am willing to pay the outlandish energy bill if I can sleep in relative coolness while still in bed with my husband and pup. 


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