Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What to Wear?

So I can't decide what to wear for our Christmas card photo shoot this weekend.
Opinions anyone?

Option 1

Option 2 

Option 3 

Of course, these aren't the exact items I have in my closet, just similar styles/ideas.  Yea...I wish I owned $200 cardigans and $250 jeans on my student budget....or even my teacher budget. *sigh*


It's Halloween, but who cares?


You know, I'm not really into Halloween. I love candy, but I eat candy all.the.time so I don't need a special day to do that. I love to dress up, but if I put that much effort into an outfit, I want to look nice, not like a cat/monkey/policewoman.

And you know what blogworld? I don't like pumpkin. Not pumpkin pie, or pumpkin spice lattes, or pumpkin patches, or pumpkin carving.

So sue me and call me crazy.

Also, I have a 50 pound dog that goes to crazy town whenever someone comes near our front door. So for my sanity's sake, children of Cleveland, do NOT knock on my door for candy. 

I did make a pretty tasty casserole tonight. I feel like it was a successful use of a silly holiday.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Going To Class, a Post on Style

Going To class

Going To class by ncalvert

I'm not the most fashion forward girl out there by any means, but I have been playing around with Polyvore lately and just thought I would share my creation. 

Style is such a foreign concept to me. Sure, Katie Holmes has style. Fashion bloggers have style. That sorority girl who sits in front of me in class has style. 

But me? No, I have no style

Or so I thought. As I get older and more mature, I've started buying clothes that represent me. Not what is trendy or name brand, but things that reflect on who I am. 

I'm this close to being a teacher, so I try hard to invest in "teacher outfits" (you know what I mean here...think Ms. Pillsbury on Glee). 

I love all things French, so I bought a pair of black pants, a black and white striped shirt, threw on some red lipstick and felt as Parisian as they come

And it's fun. Fun to dress like a grown up and not a college student. Fun to put on my literal and metaphorical big girl pants. 

But dammit, I've got a semester left to be a bummy college student. The look above is how you will find me from now til February. We all cool with that? K, good.



Monday, October 29, 2012

Why are they singing on Grey's Anatomy?

I decided to watch ALL of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix about a month ago...(yes, I went through 8 seasons in a month...I have a television problem)

Anywho, has anyone seen this episode? Because it is just about the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my life.  It is supposed to be this big, dramatic, moving episode....and I'm cracking up over Kevin McKid busting out in song...come on Shonda Rhimes! You are better than this!

Quelle horreur!
I also feel super bad for the characters who didn't get solos....because that means they can't sing. I can't sing either, so don't feel too bad Meredith!


PS- Today, I applied to graduate in May! O happy day!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

the fog inside the glass around your summer heart

Suddenly, it is cold here in the Delta. I packed light cardigans to visit my parents this weekend and just about froze my booty off!

I guess I'll try to enjoy the approximate two weeks of fall Mississippi gets. First thing on my list; bustin out the college sweatshirts! Warm, comfy, and super sexy ( just have to tell myself that)

Dearest readers from places where it actually gets "cold" (aka not the South), please excuse and ignore my whining about 40 degree temperatures. I know no better.

Here's a few snippets of our weekend visiting my parents and Caleb's parents in Southaven.

 Father/Daughter times.

 My parent's dog, Sally. Biggest baby you will ever meet.

 Even though I went to "that school up north" *ahem, rude much* I was pulling for the MSU Bulldogs to beat Alabama...well, they did not to say the least.

 Caleb's little sister owned our asses in pool.

 I accidentally dressed like an Auburn fan Saturday. Way to represent?

 I also decided to try on my Junior prom dress. Still fits 5 years later bitches!!!!!


Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Other Bloggers, do you obsessively check your email for new comments like I do? It's like like I'm on crack; every time I get a comment, I get a high and then I just want more and more.

Dear Readers, I don't actually know what it is like to be on crack.

Dear Southaven, I'm coming. Be prepared.

Dear Simba, Thank you for always being my personal radiator while I'm sitting around the house. I love that you love to cuddle.

Dear Delta State University, I am graduating from you in 6 months and 2 weeks. I will miss you...but not really...but sorta...

Dear Teacher Work Sample, I am incredibly proud of you. I came up with a whole week's worth of lessons en francais with very little guidance. And dare I say those lessons were tres maqnifique! 

Dear Husband, I love you. I love what we are doing with our lives. I love us.



Thursday, October 25, 2012

One Person

Sometimes all it takes is one person to turn your day. week. month. life. around...

Maybe it's a friend, a husband, a teacher, a boss or a completely rando (but lovey) lady from the Board of Education, but someone out there wants to make your day brighter.

Let them.

Keep an open heart and you will be amazed at how something so slight will make this crazy world finally make sense.

Believe in the power of goodness.
Believe in the power of one person.
Believe in the power of one act.


A simple kind of life

I heard this today on my way home from the store. In case you don't want to listen, I'll include a transcript.

"Finally today, you might remember that I took a short leave from the program about a month ago. I mentioned a little obliquely when I came back that I had had a death in my family. Now that I am a month into it, I can finally talk about the fact that it was my father who passed away. And it probably won't surprise you that I have been thinking about him a lot as I go about my day. I've also been thinking about the upcoming election.
It's not a matter of thinking about who my father would vote for. That's not hard to figure out. He was a native New Yorker with roots like most native-born African-Americans of his age in the segregated South. He was an Army veteran and later a cop who turned in his badge for a fire helmet, which became not just his career but also to a degree, his identity. Except that, unlike those fabulous firehouse chefs you always hear about, he never learned to cook - even his sandwiches were terrible. But that's another story.
No, I'm not thinking about who he would be for. I'm thinking about who would be for him. Now, many of my friends are of an age when we are losing our parents and we've been swapping stories. And when I shared some of the stories about my dad, a number of my friends were being nice and saying how remarkable he was - especially given his long career in various forms of public service.
And I have to say, actually, no, he wasn't. He was very ordinary, which was one of the things I came to appreciate about him. He could've been a little bit more ambitious and he could've been a little more self-aware. But what I liked about him is that he liked being him, for the most part.
He liked simple things like ham and potato salad for Easter dinner and going to the Fireman's Ball with my mother, and watching baseball on TV with his mother.
When I would call home from school and later my first job and having typical school or first job or boyfriend blues, I could count on one thing; he'd answer the phone, hear it was me and say, you made my day, just because I called him.
He did not spend all day thinking about how he would make his first million or be number one. He did not spend all day thinking about how he could cure cancer or end poverty. It might have been nice if he did those things, I guess, but he didn't.
What he did do was work a second job at the A & S Department Store during the Christmas season so he could help Santa out, hint-hint. What he did do was walk the dog in the driving rain with one of his cheap unlit cigars. What he did do was run to the hospital - still in uniform - when one of us kids had one of our frequent losing battles between our bikes and concrete. What he did do was keep bottled water and canned food in the house and his dress uniform pressed and cleaned to attend the all-too-frequent funerals, at least as I remember it, during the tumultuous days of the urban riots.
He was not perfect. And in fact, he had a couple of major issues, which I won't go into here. But I will say this: He tried to do his best, even when he was living in a time and place when his own country, because of bigotry and ignorance, among other things, did not always encourage his best.
My faith tells me that the measure of a people is how it treats the least among them. But my reading of history tells me that the measure of a great nation is whether it allows a path from ordinary to extraordinary. The best and brightest will in my view almost always find a way to rise, even in the most static and ossified places.
Sadly, every corner of the earth, even the richest, is home to someone desperate and broken. But a great nation allows a measure of dignity, peace and grace, even to those who don't want very much, who are willing to do their part as long as others do theirs.
So I'm thinking, now that my dad's not here to speak for himself, who is speaking for him?"

Y'all I sat in the Kroger parking lot and cried when I heard this. Not only was it a loving tribute to her father and a pertinent commentary on the political climate, but this hit home for me. I am an ordinary person. I don't want to change the world. I don't want to be president or famous or even rich. 

I want to be a good wife. 
I want to be an amazing mother. 
I want to share my love for learning with everyone I can. 

That's it. That is all I want from my life. 

I feel like in college we are pushed to be our best. To dream big. To conquer the world. And I am certainly glad that some people feel called to do those things. But that isn't me. That's never been me.

I want a strong, stable, loving family. The End. 

Unfortunatly, in our society, this isn't valued. I fear being referred to as a "waste of talent or intellect". I'm afraid I won't live up to everyone standards. 

But what Michele said today made me feel reassured. That it is ok to be ordinary. That it is ok to be content and happy with the simple life.   

It is my life to do with as I chose. I can push, work hard, stress or I can accept who I am, who I was made to be and what I want. 

The latter is what I choose to do


Photo courtesy of Designs By Prater Photography 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

F, M, K...A link up

So today I'm linking up with Blonde...Undercover Blonde for a fun little game me and my middle school girlfriends would play. We called it FMK...Undercover Blonde PG-13ifies that by calling it Eff, Marry, Kill.



Basically you get three guys.
1. Eff one (You know what that means....right?)
2. Marry one
3. Kill one

Since I have been watching Grey's Anatomy from the beginning on Netflix recently, I'll pick three guys from Grey's.

My candidates:

George O'Malley
Alex Karev
Derek Sheperd


1. Eff George. He's cute, cuddly and just all around adorable. We could sleep together once and then be bffs forever...

2. Marry Alex. I know he is kind of a bad boy on the outside, but deep down, he has a heart of gold. And he is super sexy. mmmmmmmm.

3. Kill Derek. I know, he is "McDREAMY" but I have never understood the appeal of him. He has good hair...but he is boring and generic and just not fun.  Sorry...

So...who would you FMK?


Monday, October 22, 2012

Turning Over a New Leaf?

I know I have said this 4563456 times, but I am going to get back on the blogging train. Life is just as crazy and hectic as ever, but Caleb says I need a hobby.

 Something I do just for me.

So here we go again, blogland. I baaacckk.

I feel like the best way to catch everyone up on life is an Instagram dump...because if I don't Instagram it, did it even really happen at all? :)

Our first anniversary (10/15)

We ate about two bites of our cake. It was dry and gooey at the same time. Idk how that happens.

A few months back, on my way to work early one Saturday, I saw a BEAR on the side of the road. Or at least I thought it was a bear. NO one believed me because the bear I saw was brown and apparently there are only black bears in Mississippi. WELL, I saw this little sign and stuffed bear at the Museum of Natural Science. I feel vindicated.

Caleb is super official now. He has business cards.

Mississippi snow before it got picked.

Cottongram. Baled cotton

DINOSAURS at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science.

I am about the least crafty girl in the world, but Caleb and I made a headboard. I am so ridiculously proud of it. I just keep saying "I MADE that." I am now a crafting goddess.

 I got some really, really, really cute bangs cut in August. They grew out in about 3 weeks. Now they get pushed to the side and it makes me sad.

 Sprinkles on ice cream that I'm not supposed to eat.

 My bangs as of now. Also my first attempt at red lipstick.

 So Delta State is a pretty badass college. I got to meet, have lunch with, and just generally discuss poetry with the National (and State) Poet Laureate, Natasha Trethewey. It was awesome.

 Like I said, badass...

 I have the world's worst luck when it comes to flat tires. I have had like...7 since moving to the Detla. My little blue car just wasn't made for the back roads.

The loves of my life. Snoring together.

So there it is. More to come. I promise this time.


P.S- See that snazzy new layout business....yea, the hubs did that for me. He is super sweet and talented.