Tuesday, October 23, 2012

F, M, K...A link up

So today I'm linking up with Blonde...Undercover Blonde for a fun little game me and my middle school girlfriends would play. We called it FMK...Undercover Blonde PG-13ifies that by calling it Eff, Marry, Kill.



Basically you get three guys.
1. Eff one (You know what that means....right?)
2. Marry one
3. Kill one

Since I have been watching Grey's Anatomy from the beginning on Netflix recently, I'll pick three guys from Grey's.

My candidates:

George O'Malley
Alex Karev
Derek Sheperd


1. Eff George. He's cute, cuddly and just all around adorable. We could sleep together once and then be bffs forever...

2. Marry Alex. I know he is kind of a bad boy on the outside, but deep down, he has a heart of gold. And he is super sexy. mmmmmmmm.

3. Kill Derek. I know, he is "McDREAMY" but I have never understood the appeal of him. He has good hair...but he is boring and generic and just not fun.  Sorry...

So...who would you FMK?



  1. good picks! I've been a Grey's fan since day one, so I'm probably further along in my viewing than you.. it'd be fun to go back and watch this show from the beginning, I had forgotten about George! (hopefully you know he hasn't been on the show for years?)

    1. Sadly, I've made it past George's untimely demise. :(

  2. Good choices! I would probably Eff Alex, Marry Derek and Kill George though

  3. Good theme! I'd have to eff Alex, marry George and kill Derek. He annoys me too!

    Stopping by from the linkup! :)
    Easily Entertained

    1. So glad you are on the kill Derek train too.....
      That sounded kinda bad. But you know what I mean. ;)