Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Going To Class, a Post on Style

Going To class

Going To class by ncalvert

I'm not the most fashion forward girl out there by any means, but I have been playing around with Polyvore lately and just thought I would share my creation. 

Style is such a foreign concept to me. Sure, Katie Holmes has style. Fashion bloggers have style. That sorority girl who sits in front of me in class has style. 

But me? No, I have no style

Or so I thought. As I get older and more mature, I've started buying clothes that represent me. Not what is trendy or name brand, but things that reflect on who I am. 

I'm this close to being a teacher, so I try hard to invest in "teacher outfits" (you know what I mean here...think Ms. Pillsbury on Glee). 

I love all things French, so I bought a pair of black pants, a black and white striped shirt, threw on some red lipstick and felt as Parisian as they come

And it's fun. Fun to dress like a grown up and not a college student. Fun to put on my literal and metaphorical big girl pants. 

But dammit, I've got a semester left to be a bummy college student. The look above is how you will find me from now til February. We all cool with that? K, good.




  1. I love your style. Cant wait to see more style updates. Im one of your newest followers. I found you through GFC Hop. You can follow me back at http://www.NavyWif33.com