Sunday, October 28, 2012

the fog inside the glass around your summer heart

Suddenly, it is cold here in the Delta. I packed light cardigans to visit my parents this weekend and just about froze my booty off!

I guess I'll try to enjoy the approximate two weeks of fall Mississippi gets. First thing on my list; bustin out the college sweatshirts! Warm, comfy, and super sexy ( just have to tell myself that)

Dearest readers from places where it actually gets "cold" (aka not the South), please excuse and ignore my whining about 40 degree temperatures. I know no better.

Here's a few snippets of our weekend visiting my parents and Caleb's parents in Southaven.

 Father/Daughter times.

 My parent's dog, Sally. Biggest baby you will ever meet.

 Even though I went to "that school up north" *ahem, rude much* I was pulling for the MSU Bulldogs to beat Alabama...well, they did not to say the least.

 Caleb's little sister owned our asses in pool.

 I accidentally dressed like an Auburn fan Saturday. Way to represent?

 I also decided to try on my Junior prom dress. Still fits 5 years later bitches!!!!!


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