Monday, October 22, 2012

Turning Over a New Leaf?

I know I have said this 4563456 times, but I am going to get back on the blogging train. Life is just as crazy and hectic as ever, but Caleb says I need a hobby.

 Something I do just for me.

So here we go again, blogland. I baaacckk.

I feel like the best way to catch everyone up on life is an Instagram dump...because if I don't Instagram it, did it even really happen at all? :)

Our first anniversary (10/15)

We ate about two bites of our cake. It was dry and gooey at the same time. Idk how that happens.

A few months back, on my way to work early one Saturday, I saw a BEAR on the side of the road. Or at least I thought it was a bear. NO one believed me because the bear I saw was brown and apparently there are only black bears in Mississippi. WELL, I saw this little sign and stuffed bear at the Museum of Natural Science. I feel vindicated.

Caleb is super official now. He has business cards.

Mississippi snow before it got picked.

Cottongram. Baled cotton

DINOSAURS at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science.

I am about the least crafty girl in the world, but Caleb and I made a headboard. I am so ridiculously proud of it. I just keep saying "I MADE that." I am now a crafting goddess.

 I got some really, really, really cute bangs cut in August. They grew out in about 3 weeks. Now they get pushed to the side and it makes me sad.

 Sprinkles on ice cream that I'm not supposed to eat.

 My bangs as of now. Also my first attempt at red lipstick.

 So Delta State is a pretty badass college. I got to meet, have lunch with, and just generally discuss poetry with the National (and State) Poet Laureate, Natasha Trethewey. It was awesome.

 Like I said, badass...

 I have the world's worst luck when it comes to flat tires. I have had like...7 since moving to the Detla. My little blue car just wasn't made for the back roads.

The loves of my life. Snoring together.

So there it is. More to come. I promise this time.


P.S- See that snazzy new layout business....yea, the hubs did that for me. He is super sweet and talented. 


  1. Thank goodness for Instagram! Happy belated anniversary to you two :) That reminds me we need to get our cake out and try it..I'm a little nervous though!