Monday, November 26, 2012


Sorry for that blog hiatus there people. Our internet went out and then it was the holidays know. Exscuses, exscuses.

Caleb and I got to go to our hometown  for a couple of days for Thanksgiving and boy, Southaven did a number on our wallets, bellies and hearts.

First day we were home we went shopping for the first time in forever! I got a new dress to wear to an upcoming wedding and a super cute pair of boots from Old Navy that were half off!

Sidenote: Does anyone else have massive big calves? It took me forever to find boots that would zip up all the way over my legs of steel...

We also went out to eat with my parents and brothers that night. It was the first time we had all been together in months and we had SO much fun. TOO much fun.

We went to the liquor store and my mom decided I needed a bottle of top shelf Patron. Sooo... margaritas at my house soon. Everyone is invited!

Cigar Bar.

Caleb, Dylan, Me, Carson

Thanksgiving day we went to Caleb's aunt's house to eat lunch and then to my grandparetns for dinner. Lots of turkey was had. Even more champagne was had. 

We decided to brave the Pre-Black Friday crowd at Target at 9pm that night. I didn't go to buy anything. I just wanted to see the craziness. And crazy it was. TVs EVERYWHERE. People EVERYWHERE. Nicole's exboyfriend and his family EVERYWHERE....akward...

All in all, a very successful holiday. Tiring, but successful. One day, I'll have a big house and I'll host Thanksgiving. Save me a ton of time and about $50 dollars on gas.



  1. I have never been Black Friday shopping. I am honestly a little scared of the craziness! Haha!!