Monday, December 17, 2012

It is done.

Well, even though I have said this about three times before, next semester is FOR REALZ my last semester as an undergrad. Thank goodness.

Finals ended last Friday, and since then, I have felt such a burden off my shoulders. And grades were reported today...3.53 GPA!!! High fives all around.

So I don't actually start my "break" until I get off work Thursday, but then I'll have six glorious days of no school or work, spending time with the fam, and most importantly, sleeping until noon with no shame.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Can adults throw tantrums? Because I'd really like to.

Melt down 1. I woke up about two hours later than I intended.

Melt down 2. I forgot my flash drive at home and did not have copies of my lesson plans I needed to work on in the library.

Melt down 3. While working in the library, the power flickered campus wide. My work was not saved in any way. I had to start over completely.

Melt down 4. I started crying because I lost hours worth of work, and the lady working at the library started giving me a lecture about always bringing a flash drive. I have never ever felt that amount of sheer rage before.

So it's only early afternoon and my nerves are shot for the day. Just lovely.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Blogging on my iPhone about my iPhone

This little lady is the proud new owner of an iPhone!!!

I'm so obsessed with it. It quite literally has not left my hands since I got off work today.

I had a smartphone before, but it wasn't nearly as lovely as this.

I'm in love.

Here is a cute picture of my love-bug from my iPhone. :)

A tour of our Christmas Tree

I thought it would be fun to give everyone a closer look at our Christmas Tree and all the special ornaments that are on it. I love amalgamation trees...where each ornament has a story to tell. We only have a few right now,but over the years, I want to phase out the generic ornaments and fill our tree with only ornaments that have a special place in our hearts, big or small.

So here is the beginning of my collection. Many more to come...and if anyone wants to send me a special ornament, I'd be down with that.   :-)

This is the oldest ornament I have. I made this in PreK, which was almost 20 years ago. I actually remember making it. I chose yellow and red because those were my favorite color Power Rangers, duh.

Bride Minnie from our honeymoon in Disneyworld

Groom Mickey from Disneyworld

My mom has these types of ornaments made for our family every year. Last year, she got Caleb and I our first one. I can't wait to have one for every Christmas and add little snowmen. 

This ornament belonged to my mother. (FYI-I talk about my "mom" on the blog a lot. My "mom" is actually my step-mom, but I don't like calling her that. If I use "mother" I usually mean my biological mother, who passed away....and that all is a whole nother blog post.)

Fun Fact: Panda Bears are my absolute favorite animal. I adore them, probably a little too much. I got this cute clay Panda...and then my puppy got a hold of her...she is now missing an ear and an eye.

Jingle Bells given to as a gift that I'll always remember.

My little brother gave this to me in 2004! Our high school mascot was the Jaguars.

One of the ornaments that I braved Black Friday for. It is pink and sparkly, therefore I am obsessed.

Hotty Toddy for life, ya'll. Also a special memory.

A silver snowflake from a Christmas shop in Eureka Springs, Arkansas from over 10 years ago. I kinda jacked it from my mom's tree.

A gift.

Another crazy Black Friday purchase. This one is pink and lacy, therefore I am just as equally obsessed.

And I couldn't really call myself a Francophile if the Eiffel Tower didn't make some kind of appearance, right?

So what do your trees look like? Do you have special ornaments with stories to tell?


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Change is good, right?

So for those of you who have been around a while (there aren't that many...) you will remember over there on my "About Me" I had "Future French/English Teacher". I have been in school 4.5 years with my goal being a degree and a teaching license. I have wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember. I never thought I was meant to do anything else.

But you know, life gets in way sometimes of big plans.
Sometimes what we think we want, isn't really.
Sometimes what we want isn't achievable anymore.

And sometimes you just have to go out there on a leap of faith and go with your gut.

What I am saying is, I will graduate in May, but I will not have a teaching license. I will not be a teacher, nor will my degree hold teaching qualifications.

Here's the deal.

First, my voice decides to completely disappear in June. It has yet to make a full recovery. There is no way humanly possible (apart from some Christmas miracle) that I could student teach, a required part of obtaining a teaching license.

Second, I am a pretty decent French student. I know my stuff. But I could not pass the licensing exam in French, no matter how hard I studied. I have heard of teachers with 20+ years of experience teaching French not being able to pass the new version of the test.

Third, I am not so sure that teaching is my calling. Maybe I am just getting cold feet, pre-teaching jitters, but I seriously question if I have what it takes to be a public school teacher in Mississippi. It is a mentally, emotionally, and physically demanding job that I am not so sure I am ready to take on right now. Maybe in the future, when I am healthy (physically and mentally), I will be able to, but right now....I just don't have it in me.

So...that was depressing, no?

On a brighter note, I do have a plan. A plan I am more than a little excited about. Due to being in school for 4.5 years, I have accumulated lots of credits. I have French credits coming out of my ears. I am only 2 credits shy of an English minor and only 4 shy of a Communication Studies minor.

That means in May, when that lovely diploma is finally in my hands my credentials will read. Nicole Calvert, Bachelor of Arts in French, minors in English and Communication Studies. Sounds snazzy, right?

Who knows where that degree will land me in the "real world". I have no idea what kind of job requires my unique skill set, but bring it on, world! I am ready.