Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A letter to my child (part 1)

Dear little one,

Let me begin by saying how excited I am that you are coming into this world. I have wanted you my entire life and genuinely cannot wait to become your mother. You are already loved so much by myself and your dad and we haven't even met you yet. My love for you grows more and more day, baby, and every day I think my heart is going to burst with joy. Sure there are days when I get scared or nervous about our future, but those feelings are nothing compared to the happiness you bring me.

More than ever, I have been contemplating the things I want to instill in you, The morals and beliefs I want to help you form. First, I believe that you should be allowed to question everything and make decisions for yourself. I never want to force feed you ideas. But I do want to give you a solid foundation based on what your father and I believe to be essential and important.

I want you to believe in love and equality for all people.

I want you to value education, both formal and informal.

I want you to understand the privileges you will be given in life and know that others are not as fortunate.

I want you to be kind and gracious in all situations.

I want you to have strong convictions and work to prefect the world you live in.

I want you to respect all living things.

I want you to be thoughtful like your father and articulate like your mother.

I want you to pursue your passions.

Most of all, I want you to live a life full of the people and things you love.

These are the things I want to teach you, little one. I will do my best every day to make sure you learn each of these ideas. I cannot wait to see the person you will become. I know you will do great things,

I love you so much.


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