Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pregnancy is...

Pregnancy is...eating 4 chocolate chip cookies for dinner because everything else tastes like dirt.

Pregnancy is...feeling guilty over those four cookies and deciding to eat a huge, healthy salad for lunch, only to throw it back up ten minutes later.

Pregnancy is...keeping shameful stashes of Pepsi and Mountain Dew at work so your well meaning husband won't give you the evil eye while consuming said beverages.

Pregnancy is...taking a day off work to clean the house only to be "too tired" to make it off the couch, much less clean.

Pregnancy is...drinking one's body weight in Country Time Lemonade and saying things like "I don't think crack could be this good or addicting"

Pregnancy is...having an emotional melt down because you spilled a new can of lemonade all over the floor that you still haven't cleaned on your day off work.

Pregnancy is...barely staying awake during the day, but having insomnia all night.

Pregnancy is...making grunts and moans like a 90 year old every time you sit/stand up/turn over/bend down.

Pregnancy is...fielding highly personal questions everyday like they are normal conversations. Topics include weight, poop, sex, and more.

Pregnancy is...swollen fingers that make one's wedding rings too small and getting judged by old ladies who realize I'm pregnant and not wearing a wedding ring.

Pregnancy is...spending 20+ minutes each morning carefully moisturizing all areas of your body with 5 different creams/oils/lotions and still getting stretch marks.

Pregnancy is...enduring all of these things with a smile because, in the end, you get an awesome little baby who will change your life.



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