Friday, October 25, 2013

Wilson Alva Clark's birth story

Tuesday, September 4, I was 40 plus 6 and pretty tired of being pregnant. I was only one centimeter dilated, cervix still very high and firm. It didn’t look like Wilson was going to come out any time soon but I was done with being pregnant. My doctor was also going out of town alligator hunting, and wouldn’t be in the entire weekend and I didn’t want to chance another doctor, who I never met, deliver my baby. So my doctor and I decided it would be best to induce that afternoon starting with cervadil for 12 hours.

Husband took me out to eat a big lunch, since I knew I couldn’t eat from the time we checked in until I had the baby and we checked into the hospital around 2pm. We sign in, get settled and the birth suite by 2:30. I got my IV, which was terrible. The first IV port was defective and no one noticed until it had been dug around in my arm for 10 minutes. I am very squeamish, so I started to get faint, b/p dropped, and I started crying. Not the way I wanted to start my labor, but the nurses were great and they finally get the IV in. Cervadil went in next at 3 pm. I had to lie flat on my back for the first 2 hours, so that kinda sucked, but no big deal. For the next 10 hours, my husband and I just hung out and watched TV and played on the internet. I had to have a catheter inserted around 1am because I kept getting up to pee and they didn’t want the cervadil to come out of place. It was an unpleasant experience and I felt like I had to pee like my life depended on it for about an hour after it was placed, but it wasn’t too bad. Not as bad as I had expected.

Finally at 3am, the cervadil comes out. I am still at 1 cm dilated! I couldn’t believe it hadn’t progressed me any. I also was in no pain from the medicine, but the nurse assured me that when the pitocin started at 3:30, I would begin to dilated and begin to feel pain. Pitocin drip started on time at 10 units (don’t know how its measured, she just said 10). Every 20 minutes, the nurse would come bump it up 2 units until she got to 20. I waited for the pain to start, but I never felt more than a mild period-like cramp. She stopped me at 20 because she had to check with the doctor before going higher. Around 7, my doctor oks the pitocin increase, and again, I prepare for the pain. Every 20 minutes, the nurse bumps me up, and I eagerly wait for the contractions and pain to start. I did start having some regular contractions, but all I felt was a tightening of my muscles. Nothing hurt. The nurse kept telling me that she was going to “make me hurt” but it never happened. My nurse said in her 45 years of labor and delivery, she had never seen someone on the max does of pitocin NOT be in pain. Needless to say, the pitocin did not begin my labor. I had unproductive contractions, cervix still very high, and only dilated to 2 centimeters. Around 10am, a nurse comes by and we have “the talk” about a c-section. I was scared and nervous about it, but I knew the induction had a 50/50 chance of ending this way. If I progressed more than 2 cm at noon, then I could continue on. If not, the doctor and I would have a “discussion”.

At 12, my doctor comes by for rounds. He checks me and I am still at 2cm, despite 12 hours of cervadil and 8 hours of pitocin, 5 of which it was at the max dose. So we decide to call it a failed induction and head for the C-section. I have to admit I was really happy with how my doctor handled the situation. He gave me the option to stop the induction and try again in a few days (which I DID NOT want to do); I could have kept going (without progress, I’m sure) or the C-section. He did not pressure me and was very receptive to my feelings. I decided on the c section mostly because I was tired from being up all night and ready to have the whole thing over with so I could meet my son.

I figured I had a while before we would start, but as soon as I said ok to the c-section, everything went into high gear. My nurse started prepping me and finished in just minutes. My husband couldn’t dress in his scrubs fast enough and they carried me back to the OR before he could get ready. This is where shit hit the fan for me. I guess because I was so helpless to what was happening around me, the fact it happened so fast I couldn’t process it all, and that my husband wasn’t with me, I had a full blown panic attack on the OR table as they prepped me. I couldn’t breathe, I was screaming/crying, and I was just delirious. I kept yelling that I needed my husband and that I couldn’t do it without him. The doctors and nurses were extremely nice to me and handled my craziness so well. The nurse kept talking to me to keep me somewhat distracted while everyone else prepped me the best they could while I panicked. Finally they let my husband in. I felt some better when he got there, but I was still freaking the fuck out. I felt a stick go in for my spinal, which hurt SO much less than I expected and then I went numb. I didn’t even realize they had started cutting me until I felt my doctor pulling around on my insides. At one point I heard them say how big my son’s head was and they would have to cut a little extra room. Then I felt a massive tug and heard my son cry for the first time. My husband stood up to see him, and I looked over and saw his feet on the table where he was being cleaned. Then the anesthesiologist says “I’m going to give you something to calm down” and I nod OK and don’t remember another thing until I wake up in recovery. The meds knocked me out cold. In recovery, my husband comes to tell me our son is perfect and great. HE stays with me while I get pain meds and my vitals ok, which took about an hour. I wanted to see our baby SO much.

The recovery nurse took me by the viewing window of the nursery and I finally got to see my little boy. He weighed 8 pounds, 3.5 ounces and was 21 inches long. His head circumference was 14.5 inches! I was then relieved he did not come out of my vagina. I was pretty doped up still, so they wheeled me back to my hospital room while they took care of the baby. Around 3 pm, they finally brought him to our room and I got to hold him for the first time. It was amazing and I loved him right from the start. I did not feel up to attempting breast-feeding and I knew I didn’t have any milk or colostrum to offer him, so we just had bottles and slept and snuggled that whole first night. 

SO, this is probably the longest birth story ever, but I am amazed that I went though birthing an 8-pound baby, and felt nothing more than minimal pain. I did not have the first contraction or labor pain, very minor pain associated with needles/IVs, and recovery has been ok so far. They ask you to rate your pain 1-10, and I never went above a 4.5. Don’t hate me.


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