Monday, November 4, 2013

I had a baby. He is pretty awesome.

As I detailed in my last post, I had baby Wilson. And in two days, my baby will be two months old. I don't even know how that is possible. I know every mom says that time flies, but I never knew it would go by THIS fast. He isn't a newborn anymore, he is a growing, learning baby. He smiles and coos. He can hold his head up and always wants to look around. He has slept from 11-6 aka all night several times.  While he is still so little, he just isn't an itsy bitsy baby anymore. He is becoming his own person. While I absolutely love seeing him grow, it also makes me so sad to see his independence emerge. I want to be able to shelter him, protect him, and give him everything he needs. And as he grows, my ability to do those things gets smaller and smaller. He will need me less and less. It's a double edge sword that I'm still learning to navigate. 

I've got so much to share about my two month journey into motherhood. I hope to be able to post more regularly. I stay home with Wilson right now, so I need connection to the outside world. Being a stay at home mom is wonderful, but it is also a job. I miss being out in the world, so hopefully I can "talk" here and reconnect. 

Anyway, here's some adorable pictures of Wilson. He is the best ever. 

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