Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Missing the belly

Man, I miss being pregnant. Overall, I was very lucky and had an easy and stress free pregnancy. And any complaints I might have had were easily outweighed by the awesomeness that was my baby growing inside me. Those kicks and flutters were the absolute best. I loved having Wilson close to me and knowing he was always ok.  

Caleb and I are seriously thinking that Wilson may be our only baby, so I think that's part of the reason I miss the belly. It was such a sweet, special time for us. I really wish I would have documented it better so I could look back over the years. 

Anyway, just for fun and because I miss my huge belly, here are some pictures. I gained a whopping 40!!! pounds but it was so worth it.

33 weeks

35 weeks

33, 35, 37, and 39 weeks 

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