Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A day in the life

I wanted to write down what a normal day looks like for our family at this stage. It's my intention to do one of these posts every few months to compare and look for growth. I'm sure one day I will look back on this and think about the "good old days". 

Monday December 16, 2013

6:45- I hear Wilson waking up. He slept through the whole night and wakes up happy. I nudge Caleb to go make the baby a bottle and change his diaper. 

7:00 - I get Wilson from his crib and we settle into the rocking chair. Caleb gets ready for work and Wilson slowly takes his 6 ounce bottle. 

8:00 - Wilson sits in his play chair on the kitchen table while I eat breakfast. Caleb leaves for work. 

8:30 - Wilson plays in his chair with toys while I do a few dishes or other chores. 

9:00 - Wilson gets sleepy so I make him a 1 ounce bottle and he drinks himself to sleep. I rock him while he naps. 

11:30 - Wilson wakes up. Poops. We change his diaper and put his day clothes on. 

12:00 - Caleb comes home for lunch. He and I eat and he plays with the baby some. Changes his diaper before he leaves. 

1:00 - Wilson takes another 6 ounce bottle. 

1:30 - Wilson plays with his kick and play gym in his crib while I get dressed, put on make up and brush my hair.

2:00 - Wilson falls asleep for his afternoon nap. 

3:30 - I wake Wilson up so we can go on a walk outside. I change his diaper. We put on his jacket and grab a blanket. 

4:15 - We get back from our walk. Tummy time/play time on the floor until Caleb gets home. 

5:00 - Calev gets home and takes the baby. I start making dinner. Wilson takes another 4 ounce bottle and a quick cat nap. Clean diaper for Wilson. 

6:30 - Dinner time for Caleb and me. Wilson sits in his play seat and our laps as we eat. 

7:00 - We clean up a bit and play with Wilson. Just have family time. 

7:45 - Wilson takes a bath. Gets lotion, a clean diaper, and his pajamas on. 

8:20 - We turn the lights down and make Wilson a 6 ounce bottle. I feed him and rock him while Caleb and I watch some TV. 

9:00 - Wilson falls asleep. Caleb goes to bed. 

9:30 - I put Wilson in his crib for the night. 

9:45 - I go to bed. 

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