Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Food and family

Let me start by saying that I am definitely not a food blogger or even a good cook. Like not even close. But since I've become a stay at home mom, I've started to have the desire to cook real, homemade food for my family. Right now I'm just cooking for me and my husband, but before too long, Wilson will be eating, too. I've realized that it's important for me to start the habit of preparing meals now, so Wilson will always expect a family dinner. 

I think family meal time is one of the most important aspects of creating a supportive, open, and communicative family unit. Dinner time is a time for everyone to share about their day, relax, and just enjoy the food and the company. Family dinner will always be a priority in our home. Even now, we put Wilson in his bumbo, high chair, or in our laps as we all sit at the table and eat. As he gets older, I want him to look forward to our family time each night. 

Since I'm not employed outside the home right now, I take most of the responsibility in preparing dinner. 6 months ago, I could make hamburger helper and boxed macaroni and cheese and that's about it. But after reading lots of food blogs and watching hours of The Food Network, I built up a working knowledge of basic recipes and skills. And now, I think I'm pretty decent in the kitchen. My husband (almost) always likes the things I make and is always appreciative to have a hot, homemade meal. It makes me happy to make a dinner for us both to enjoy together. It really warms my heart to think of our family dinners in the coming years. 

So if you're a newbie cook like me, let me let you in on my biggest secret. Go immediately to The Pioneer Woman's website and just scroll through her recipes. Seriously, go do it. All of her food is so familiar and accessible to the average home cook. There arent any fancy ingredients, no difficult techniques, just pure and simple good food. There are step by step instructions and, the best part, pictures of what every step looks like.  She is seriously my hero. She has made me a decent cook. I will forever love her. (And if anyone wants to buy me a Christmas gift, I would die over her cook book.) 

Here are just a few things I've made in the past couple of months. Almost all of them are thanks to the Pioneer Woman. They have all been hits so far. 

Chicken tetrazzini 

Spicy sausage pasta


Asian stir fried beef and peppers

O and our new house has a gas stove. I love it buy have yet to figure out its "quirks". Someone come teach me how to use a gas stove? 

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