Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The best day ever

My wedding day and Wilson's birthday are not the best day of my life. Shocking, right? They are the second and third best days of my life, respectively. My wedding narrowly beats out Wilson's birth because there was champagne an no needles. 

No, the best day of my life was the day we found out Wilson was a boy.

 And it wasn't the best day because he
 was a boy. I actually thought I really wanted a girl. But the moment the ultrasound lady said the words "it's a boy", my world felt complete. 

I was having a boy. A healthy baby boy. In that moment, I felt more happiness and joy than I ever thought possible. I was elated and so full of love.

I probably would have felt exactly the same if Wilson had been a girl. It was just knowing that was amazing. There aren't many big surprises in life as an adult, but finding out the sex of my child was like Christmas morning times ten. 

I was so anxious and nervous until I just couldn't stand it. One moment I was a ball of nerves, and the moment we found out, the greatest feelings of love and happiness washed over me. It felt perfect. 

I don't think I quit smiling that whole day after we found out. The thought of my baby boy overwhelmed my mind. He was perfect and our family was perfect. I don't really believe that things are meant to be, but if anything in this world was meant to happen, this baby boy was meant to be in our family. I can't imagine anything different. I just feels so right. 

So that was the day that everything came together. The day that I knew that I was going to have a son. The day that gave me the biggest, best high I could ever feel. It was truly the best day ever. 

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