Monday, January 20, 2014

A year of food #2

I knew I wouldn't (couldn't) keep up with cooking 6 nights a week. This week was busy, so I only ended up cooking 4 nights. But considering that I was dealing with a cold myself plus a sick baby, I'm pretty proud I managed my goal of 4 nights. 

Chicken yakisoba with stir fried vegetables 

Didn't  cook because my husband has class until 8. Doubt there will be much (or any) cooking on Tuesdays. 

Didn't cook because me and the baby were yucky sick. Sent Caleb to the grocery store alone with my list. He did well and got pretty much everything I needed. 

Cajun sausage pasta and homemade Indian naan bread

The naan didn't really go with the Cajun pasta, but I was craving some carbs. I've never made bread and I think my flatbread turned out quite well. It would have been perfect with some hummus. Homemade hummus is on my list of things to make now. 

Imitation Philly cheesesteaks with southwestern roasted potato wedges

The sandwich was good but those fries were to die for. They were roasted at just the right temperature for exactly the rigt about of time. They were crispy on the outside and so soft and fluffy on the inside. So freaking good. 

My red beans and rice (again) 

I think I'm going to attempt to measure out this recipe next time I make it and put it on the blog. Because it's damn good and I'm proud of it. 

So that's what we ate this week. I need to start linking to the recipes I go by for reference. I don't really go by recipes bit by bit. I just kind of read the whole thing once through and then wing it. I'm big on not measuring and winging it. I blame watching too much Rachel Ray. 

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