Thursday, January 9, 2014

Birthday Wishes

Guess what? I'm going to talk (write?) about something other than my baby or motherhood today! Crazy, I know. But my baby has been whiney and clingy since we got home from the holidays and he is taking all my patience. I love him to pieces, but it is so draining holding a fussy baby all. day. long. So I need to think about something other than him for 30 minutes while he naps, for my sanity's sake.

My birthday is coming up in  like a week. I don't actually know today's date so I'm not exactly sure just what day my birthday falls on (#momlife),  but it's coming soon. I usually start a count down the day after Christmas and demand not a birthDAY but a birthWEEK, but my priorities are a little different this year. Not to say I wouldn't like the big shebang like I used to have, but with a baby and a right budget, I realize that my birthday just isn't real important. Which makes me feel like the oldest 24 year old ever.

Even though I probably won't get any gifts this year, I still made a wish list. It's fun to pretend. So here are the things I would like for my 24th birthday.

Miss Dior eau de parfum

Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne eau de parfum

These are my two "signature" scents. I always get compliments when I wear them. They are both fun, young and feminine. I sadly dropped my big bottle of Miss Dior and ran out of Parisienne right before Wilson was born. I need these both back in my life.

Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker

Organic baby food is not cheap. But it is so important to me that Wilson's food be organic and contain only fruit/vegetable and water. That's it. So I've been thinking about making his food myself. I have started to love to cook, so I think it would be a good choice for us to make his food.

Kroger gift card

There are so many ingredients that I would love to experiment and cook with, but they don't quite fit into our weekly grocery budget. But I would love to splurge on spices, sauces, fancy cheeses. Yum.

A  (used) treadmill

I need to start exercising big time. My post baby weight loss has stalled out at a weight I am no where near comfortable with. But it's hard for me to get outside to walk/run with Wilson and  I hate work out DVDs with a passion! So a treadmill would allow me to work out while Wilson plays or naps quite easily.

So there it is. The frivolous things I would most like to have right now. But it's not really all that important if they don't magically appear. I've slowly started to learn to live with less for myself  because it means I can give more to Wilson. It's amazing how selfless a baby can make even the most selfish person.


  1. Funny thing - I just ordered a treadmill yesterday! I used to be a huge runner before getting pregnant (marathons and all) and desperately want to get back to that. I want to check out that baby making food thing. My SIL swears by baby led weaning or whatever it's called for her 7mo old but after watching him choke on a potato last month, I'm a little skeptical.