Sunday, January 12, 2014

Life update

We had a busy and fast paced weekend. It seems like we never have enough time with all three of us together. I'm trying to talk Caleb into taking a long weekend around his birthday just so we can all sit around at home and be lazy together. 

Friday was Wilson's 4 month well visit and shots at the doctor. Kid actually weighs 18 AND A HALF pounds. He will no doubt be 20 by the time he is 5 months old. My kid is a giant. Wilson got an A+ report from his doctor. She was very impressed at how strong he was. And I was just glowing with pride. Shots went ok. Wilson had the most pitiful cry when he got stuck, but he quickly calmed down after I could hold him. I gave him Tylenol for a day and he didn't act any different from his normal self. 

Saturday we went to visit my grandmother. We went to Oxford and shopped some. We got Wilson a sippy cup to try out. I swear I only had to show him what to do one time before he was sipping water like a pro.  He blows mymind with  how smart he is. 

Today we have just been hanging out at home and tidying up a bit. We finally took our tree down and our living room suddenly looks twice as big. 

Tomorrow is Caleb's first day of his last semester of his liberal studies master's program. He applied for his comps and his graduation in May. I'm so proud of him. And as soon as he graduates, he is starting his application for a doctoral program. I wish I loved school as much as him. 

Speaking of me and school, I've made a HUGE decision. I finally decided that I'll be getting my alternate route teaching license and a masters in teaching. After I graduated, I literally had no clue what I wanted to do professionally. I was mostly concerned with successfully getting the baby out of me and keeping him alive. But since he has arrived, I've found myself puzzling over what exactly I wanted to do. And I made a complete 360 degree circle and landed right back at what I wanted to do when I started college 6 years ago. I want to teach. I want to teach younger kids. About 5th grade to be exact. So I'm gearing up to apply to the MAT program and take my praxis tests (which is so dumb because I have all of the training already). So yea. The program starts in the summer and requires I get an "internship" in the fall. Which means I'll be working full time as a teacher by August. Crazy. I'm going to soak up every minute of these next 8 months as a SAHM. 

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