Sunday, January 5, 2014

Wilson -- 4 months

My baby boy is 4 months old today. Typing that seems surreal. FOUR MONTHS. He is growing into such a sweet and smart little boy. 

- Wilson weighs 18 pounds. That's the 95th percentile. Little Bud is a big boy. He is 26.5 inches long. 

- He wears some 3/6 months, 6 months, 6/9 months, and 9 months clothes. The 3/6 and 6 are just about too small. I packed up a bunch of his too small clothes over the weekend. I can't decide if I should give them away or keep them just in case Wilson ever has a brother. 

- Wilson is in size 3 diapers. And I think we may need to go to 4 soonish. 

- Wilson has bumped up his formula this month. He takes 7 ounces 5 times a day now. We had to switch bottles because one day he just decided to reject his usual ones. Whatever makes him happy. 

- We have been dealing with so much spit up this month. I think we may need to increase his dose of Zantac. Poor baby is constantly covered in spit up. 

- Wilson is doing great with tummy time. He can roll from his tummy to his back, but doesn't do it much. He kicks and moves his arms so much on his tummy. I think he will be an early crawler. 

- I think a little tooth is trying to break through. Wilson gums everything and drools nonstop. 

- Wilson sleeps through the night in his crib just about every night. He falls asleep around 8 and I rock him til about 9. He usually wakes up between 7 and 8. We are so thankful he is a good sleeper. 

- Naps are a different story. He takes a morning and afternoon nap that last about an hour and a half each. He usually will not nap in his crib. So I rock him. 

- Wilson found his hands and feet this month. They most always are in his mouth. 

- The biggest milestone we hit this month is that we introduced food. I didn't intend to start him so early but he is eating like a champ. He loves oatmeal cereal, squash, sweetpotatoes, carrots, and peas. He isn't so sure about fruit yet but is ok with bananas and prunes. I'll write a full post about this soon. 

- He has started "talking" a lot more this month. He laughs, coos, yells, and growls. His little laughs are my favorite. 

My little boy is such a joy to be around. We had a big, busy month but he took it all in stride. 

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