Monday, February 3, 2014

A year of food #4

Well look at that. It's February already which means I have stuck to my goal for one month! If you know me and my will power, you know that one whole month is huge for me. Yay for me.

I ended up slacking off some last week and I felt super guilty. I only cooked 4 nights, but in all fairness, we were away from home two nights over the weekend. I'm not going to beat myself up over it at all because I've got meals planned for the next 10 days straight. I'll make up for it.

"Midwestern" chicken and brown rice casserole and baby Lima beans

Greek marinated chicken and white hominy

Cajun chicken pasta with peppers and onions

Chik Fil A.

Chicken, rice, and black bean quesadillas

I went crazy at the huge Kroger near my parents' house over the weekend and I can't wait to use the things I bought!

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