Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Out on the town

Saturday night was date night and it was wonderful. Caleb and I desperately needed some time to ourselves and some good food and date night delivered. 

We dropped Wilson off with Caleb's mom about 2 and we started getting ready. I rented a BEAUTIFUL Kate Spade dress from Rent the Runway. It was so lovely and I felt really pretty in it. If you have a special night coming up and you want a designer dress that will make you feel like a million bucks, then seriously go browse Rent the Runway. They have dresses for every event, from a casual brunch to the most formal galas. I cannot stop swooning over all the dresses. I can't wait to rent again. 

We went to eat at PF Changs, which is my ultimate guilty pleasure restaurant. Afterward, we went to Minglewood hall and hookah-ed and drank too much. We let Wilson spend the night with his Grammy so we go a peaceful night of sleep. It was just fabulous. 

Leaving Wilson overnight wasn't as bad as I expected. I missed him lots but it was a nice break. I texted Caleb's mom tons and age sent pictures, so I knew what he was up to all night. He played and played with his Grammy and Grandpa. I know he had fun. 

I'm already counting down the days until our next big night out. 

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