Thursday, February 13, 2014

We survived Ice Storm 2014

If you/your family have lived in north Mississippi for 20+ years, then you have heard about THE ice storm that hit in 1994. At least I think it was 94, but I was only 4 at the time and not cognizant of the ice-apocalypse. But boy, I have heard about it. Every winter when Mississippi gets threatened with snow/ice, people immediately start taking about the big one. My gran talks about how they didn't have power for a week and my parents had to stay with them because they had running water (or something like that). She talks about how my grandad had to take his chainsaw with him in his truck and he had to cut a path down the road to town. It was obviously a big, bad deal. 

As I mentioned, now every time we are threatened with any winter weather, people start talking about how it's going to be another big one. The weather gets hyped up for days by the weathermen. People buy all the bread and bottled water at Kroger. We batton down the hatches and wait for the ice-maggedon. I am not kidding. We do not play in Mississippi. 

Well, Monday night, we got a touch of ice. I didn't go out in it, so I'm not sure how bad it actually was, but it certainly didn't look that bad. But they cancelled schools and businesses closed. Then Tuesday night, what ice was left over refroze and we got more ice on top of that. That ice actually looked dangerous and I'm glad they cancelled school again. But it certainly wasn't an "ice storm". More like an ice drizzle. 

However, I'm totally ok with over zealous, freak out prone Mississippians because it means they close the university and my husband gets to stay home with me. We had an extra weekend in the middle of the week and it was wonderful. We cooked breakfast and watched movies and baked cookies and drank beer at 3 in the afternoon. It was the best. 

My driveway Tuesday night before we got more ice. 

I was clearly excited for the ice day. Wilson, not so much. 

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