Monday, February 10, 2014

What's been going on around here

We had an extremely light dusting of snow on Saturday. I got excited because it was Wilson's first snow. We took him out for just a few minutes and I let him touch the snow. He was pretty unimpressed. 

We went shopping and out to dinner on Sunday. Wilson rode in the big boy part of the cart for the first time and did great. So much easier than wearing him in the wrap. The cart cover is great! It was only $15 at target. Its plenty big and padded and has clips for toys. A very good purchase. 

Sunday was my husband's birthday. I'm exactly 3 weeks older than him. He was pretty sick but he still had a good day, I think. He bought himself some shoes as his present. I think we are going to do a big date night soon to celebrate both of our birthdays. Maybe I'll let Wilson spend the night with his grandparents. Maybe. 

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