Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wilson--5 months

I cannot believe I have a 5 month old. Gosh. Next month he will be half a year old!!! Time is flying with my little Bud. 

- Wilson is 28 inches long and around 20 pounds. He just keeps growing and growing! 

- He is in size 4 diapers. The 3 just weren't giving him enough coverage on his booty and he was exploding out of them. No fun for anyone. 

- He is wearing 6 months, 6/9 months, 9 months and 6/12 month clothes. The 6 month pants and jammies are way too short on him. 

- Wilson consistently sleeps through the night! He usually goes to bed around 8:30-9:30 and wakes up between 7:30-8:30. I am so beyond happy that we are all getting a full nights sleep. 

- Wilson out himself on a schedule. I was more than ok with just doing whatever Wilson wanted with our day time. But over a week or so, he found a schedule he liked and sticks to it. 

- He takes 2 good naps a day. Morning nap is from 10-11:30ish and afternoon is 1:45-3:30. Sometimes one will run longer but then the other will be shorter. He sometimes takes a cat nap around 6:30 but not always. 

- Wilson has also stopped fussing when he is hungry. So I have to remind myself to make him a bottle if we are busy playing. He eats 7 ounces at 8, 12, 4, and 8. He is still doing great on solids. He has oatmeal every morning and then a fruit or vegetable at dinner time. He loves squash, sweet potatos, and carrots the most. 

- He learned to roll from his back to his belly and now is constantly rolling. I'll put him in the middle of his playmat and 2 minutes later, he will have rolled and scooted off the edge. 

- He is becoming much more social these days. He smiles and laughs lots. He also babbles a good bit. He grabs and reaches for his toys or anything he wants. He has discovered the cats and dogs and loves to pet them. 

- Wilson finally has some hair coming in. It's so soft and blond. His eyes are getting to be a more true blue color. 

- Likes: Mr. Giraffe and Rocky Raccoon, being tickled, walks in the stroller, rolling around on the floor. 

- Dislikes: nap time, not being the center of attention, strangers (at first, he warms up after a minute) 

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