Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A year of food #8

I hate failing. Which is probably why I have avoided writing this post for a day or two. I failed last week. I only cooked 2 nights. Complete failure. Ugh. 

To my credit, we were gone Friday-Sunday, so I probably would have met my goal had we been home. 

Monday: I don't even remember. 

Tuesday: chick Fil a. 

Homemade hamburger helper Beef and mushroom stroganoff. 

Chicken Marsala and Lima beans

So I cut up a full box of mushrooms and then promptly dropped them all on the floor. And then I threw a temper tantrum like a child because I was craving Marsala mushrooms. And my husband went to the grocery store twice for me. True story. This meal was not easy or fun to make, but it got made. Those tears only flavor the food more, right??? And PS- I had already eaten about half the Lima beans straight from the pot, which is why I have such a smal portion on my plate. Lima beans with butter, season salt and lots of white&black pepper are the most tasty veggie  EVER. 

Friday-Sunday we were out of town. We ate out a couple times and I had some badass tom yum soup and Thai basil fried rice that I will dream about forever. So good but so not economical and so not available anywhere near Cleveland. Boo. 

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