Tuesday, March 11, 2014


So this arrived at our door last week. A walker. How my baby is big enough for a walker is beyond me, but Wilson loves it. Walkers are pretty unsafe and I'm surprised they even still sell them. We don't have stairs or (too many) things he can get into, so I'm ok with Wilson having one. But boy do I have to keep my eyes in him. Yesterday he was chasing Sadie and the cats, trying to run them over. I'm amazed how fast he figured out what the walker is for. The kid is too smart. 

Wilson has been giving us this scrunched up nose laugh/smile nonstop lately. When he gets really excited and happy, he starts snorting. It's probably the cutest thing I've ever seen. And how precious is that outfit? 

It has been quite spring-like in the delta, finally! We took advantage and spent Saturday afternoon outside. I think Wilson likes the fresh air and exploring, but he is so sensitive to the sun. He needs some more hats and sunglasses before summer gets here. 

Yesterday was Wilson's 6 month well check and shots. The 9:30 appointment turned into a 5 hour ordeal, which was no fun for anyone involved. If I didn't love his doctor, I wouldn't ever go back to that clinic. Dr. Wells was very impressed with Wilson's growth and development. She said he has already mastered some 9/10 month old skills, which made my momma heart swell with pride. They had to prick his finger to check his iron levels and he barely even flinched. Unfortunately his iron levels were a bit low (taking after me, I suppose). We have to get them rechecked in 2 months and if they are still low, then Wilson will have to start taking supplements. In the meantime, the doctor suggested we start giving him meat and other high iron foods. Hopefully, that will be all he needs. 
Shots were terrible, as usual, but after a nap, Advil, and some cuddles, he was back to his happy self. 

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